Subversive Sewer

{June 23, 2010}   Catching Up

I just haven’t felt like sewing lately.  I certainly have felt like buying fabric and patterns, just not sewing!  This will be a mishmash of stuff to try and catch up.

Today I made a case for my new phone.  McCall’s 6091 had one that matched the dimensions of my phone (Droid) perfectly!

And here’s the pattern:

Look it’s our friend Natasha again!

Overall, it’s a success.  However, I wish I would have remembered to fussy-cut the front to get more of the print.  The flap is not perfectly symmetrical, but not enough to bother me too much.

Changes:  instead of that fleece they always tell you to use on bags that’s a bitch to work with, I decided to use pieces of craft foam cut to fit the front and back only.  The idea is that if I drop it (again), it might cushion the fall.  Let’s hope I don’t have to find out if I’m right!  I also added the clip, attached with grosgrain ribbon.  This way I can clip it to my bag so I don’t have to hunt inside my bag to answer my phone before it goes to voicemail.  The final change was to use regular ol’ cotton for the outside and a twill for the lining, which is opposite of what they instruct.  I had actually bought some home dec weight fabric for this, and I bought the fabric you see here at the same time because I just loved it that much and wanted to get my money’s worth on shipping charges.  After looking at both pieces, I decided the home dec print was too large, so I used this one instead.  I had some hot pink twill that worked perfectly for the lining too.  The home dec print will become a pillow, most likely.

Here’s one of many projects that I’ve done that hadn’t been photographed yet:

This is the Hot Patterns Peachy Beachy Cover-up, a free download from  You may recognize the fabric from this post.  It’s the last of my 4 yards of cotton knit I picked up in Miami.  It’s thin so it works great as a beach cover-up.  I did get to wear it, and it was great.  Just the right length, too!  If I recall, I did not make any changes to the construction.

McCall’s released their Fall 2010 patterns today.  If you haven’t seen them yet, don’t waste your time.  Every last one of them sucks.  Most of them are a rehash of the rest of the bad 80s trends they hadn’t revived yet.

Next up, I think I’ll work on  knit top I cut out a couple weekends ago, and either swimsuits, jeans or underwear.  We’ll see where my mood takes me.


{June 15, 2010}   OMG! LOVE!

We interrupt this sewing draught/bout with situational depression to present you with the most drool-worthy clothes I’ve seen in a long time!  Finally some original designs worth getting excited about!  It’s Burda 7/2010!!  I’m not very well-versed in things Burda; I’ve bought a few issues and sewn maybe 2 things from them.  So as soon as I find out where to order this issue and when it comes out, I am SO on it!

Check it out- Butterick’s new patterns are online!  That’s enough to brighten up my mood!  The first thing I’m noticing is all the fabulous prints!  Where do they get their fabric???  I can’t find great stuff like that!  They’ve also re-done their website; looks good!  It shows alternate photos and/or drawings when you mouse-over the pics.

This is a fab dress for all you skinny bitches out there:

I love the red/black/white print, but I haven’t decided if I like the dress yet:

Vogue JUST released a monstrosity just like this last week!

I’m not sure if I’ll regret this in the morning, but I think I love this jacket:

Friggin’ adorable.  Sofia’s getting the one on the right:

Once again, LOVE the fabric on the left.  Like the sleeves, but probably not enough to buy the pattern:

{January 22, 2010}   New Vogue Patterns

Like everyone else who’s posted about them, I’m in love with the new Vogue Patterns and their website redesign.  They added more pictures, which is what I’m most happy about.  Now I’d like to share my favorite and least favorite patterns!

I’m very happy that they got new designer patterns.  This is a Rebecca Taylor.  I like this suit a lot, although I don’t think it looks that good on this flat-chested model.

I am so in love with this dress!  I have fabric all ready for it!!  I think it’s beyond my skill level, and I have no place to wear it to, but I’m going to try my best!

This is quite pretty.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these dresses!

It’s simple, but I like it!

This makes me want to barf.  It’s way too Star Trek for me.

How many times are they going to release these ugly-ass pants?

This is just wacky.

OK, what the fuck??

{October 3, 2009}   New Vogue Patterns!

Yay, what a happy surprise to find in my inbox- new Vogue patterns!  Looks like we’ve got a few designer patterns, which are good to attract new sewers, and lots of dresses, which I love.

Here are my thoughts:

1150- I’m not sure about that vinyl applique around the back zipper, but I do like the rest of it

1151: I love the neckline, but its a-line shape is not good for my current figure.  Again, the zipper treatment is a little odd to me

1133:  this is unlike anything I’ve seen before.  Very statuesque.

1134:  this is pure granny.  Thumbs down.

1138:  looks like a nightie.

1146: what NOT to do with  your scrap pile:

8610- I don’t think I like the dolman sleeve with this shape of dress.  I do like the contrast stripe and bands.

8611- what the hell is this???

8622- these are neat.

8628- I love these bags!  I always buy these clutch patterns but then I never make them.  I think I’ll get it anyway.

{September 16, 2009}   New New Look Patterns

Wow, I think New Look has redeemed itself!  They just released their Fall Patterns, and they’re not half bad!

I need to thank them for some cute tunics… if you read my last post, you know that I’m not in the best shape of my life, and need to hide some stuff.  Here’s what I’ll be buying:

Well, I wanted to post 6913, but I can no longer right click.  Instead I get the magnifying glass.  OK, New Look, I think I’m mad at you again.

{September 2, 2009}   New McCall’s patterns

Wow, I was so excited when I got the email that McCall’s has new patterns out.  Then I actually saw them.  I only found 2 that I like.  I’ll soften the blow by showing you those:

Now, for the uggos.  I have to start with the proof that the 80s revival has run its course:

My God!  Look at those heinous fucking pants!  I remember wearing a pink pair in middle school, circa 1989.  I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants to look like they have a tummy and thunder thighs.  Well, here are the pants that’ll do it.

Are you kidding me?  Remember the color blocked windbreakers?  Yep, right around the time Vanilla Ice was the shit.  Well, he ain’t shit now and neither is this piece of crap jacket.

Rounding out the group are some old patterns being passed out as new, more dog coats, pajamas, and lots of cheesy Xmas decorations for Grandma.  Joy!

{August 4, 2009}   New Butterick Patterns!

I get so excited when new patterns come out!  Even I don’t buy them, they’re still fun to look at.  You can see them here.

My favorites:

Hello, nurse!  This is super vampy and I love it!  They need more sexy stuff like this!

Pretty cute, and as Amanda pointed out, retro looking!

In case you want to copy Michelle Obama’s inauguration dress and coat, or want to dress up like her for Halloween, here’s your pattern!

And that’s about it.  Some boxy tops and jackets, and even a pair of Mom Jeans round out the latest Butterick offerings.  As far as I’m concerned, that first dress makes up for the clunkers!

{June 11, 2009}   New Simplicity Patterns!

I’ve been going through new pattern withdrawal, especially since none of my current ones are inspiring me right now.  So, let’s see what  Simplicity has to offer….

Maybe this would be good in a different fabric.

Has potential.

These are just fugly.

If I ever get over my aversion to vests, this one has separate fronts for B,C,D cups.

I’m pretty sure I like some of these.

OK, LOVE this.  I will be buying this pattern.

This is good too!  Go Sew Stylish!

I might buy this to make baby gifts.

A child/tween “learn to sew pattern”…. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!

Love the dresses, but man, nobody’s gonna be surprised when this kid comes out of the closet!

How did they know??  I’m so tired of hitting the brakes suddenly and all my stuff goes flying off the seat!

All these need is a stripper pole!

Not too bad, Simplicity!  What do you all think?

{June 1, 2009}   New Look is Dead.

Well, they might as well be.  Look at the shit they just passed off as new patterns.

That is all.

{May 12, 2009}   New Buttericks!

Right in the middle of my posting marathon, I get an email that there are new Butterick patterns out!  Man, I love patterns.  I can’t get enough of these things.

This is so classy.  I can picture Erica B. making this:

You people can’t fool me; this is Vogue 8489:


This would be a good size backpack for my 5 year old…. they all seem to be one size in the stores…

The rest? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

{April 24, 2009}   New Look- How about Old Look?

New Look released some new patterns.  To be honest, I have no clue how new these are because I haven’t sewn a New Look pattern in like a year because they’ve been sucking for a couple years now.  Take a look at these things.  What a bunch of boring ass shit!

Here is something they must have pulled from their 2004 archives, when this look was the big thing:

How many times have you seen them release this same blouse??

They actually consider this a dress and not a nightie with matching robe:

How many scrub patterns do we need????  Well, here’s yet another one:

Wait, a gathered skirt with a waistband!  I’ve never seen this before!!!

But I’m an optimist.  They did have one pattern I like, even though it’s not at all original.  I needed a pattern like this and don’t feel like drafting one:

{February 26, 2009}   New McCall’s patterns!

I was delighted to find an email in my inbox announcing the newest McCall’s patterns! Even if they suck, it’s still fun to blog about them!  Let’s get started!

This is cute, but I think I burned out on the peasant skirt trend 5 years ago

I like how view A looks like it has a corset:

Belted= cute…..  not belted= oversized 3 year old

I can’t see well enough to determine if this is cute or just a Monet

This one comes with a matching dinner napkin!

In case you didn’t already feel fat, here’s a muumuu.

McHammer, on Behind the Music…

Do I like this short sleeve jacket, or have I been seduced by the cute fabric?

Dear 31 year old Nikki: Remember when I was thin enough to wear stuff like this?  Haha, sucker!  Love, 17 year old Nikki

No, asshat, I’m NOT pregnant!  I just need a stylist!

Why do I like this so?  I can’t figure it out

If you can’t eat it, make elaborate fabric versions of them

OK, time to be serious.  This past weekend, my daughter Sofia tells me she wants a garden themed bedroom.  I immediately begin thinking of ideas.  Imagine me cheering when I saw this pattern:

They’ll never mistake you for a boy again, Kaitlin!

{February 19, 2009}   New Simplicity Patterns

Yay, new patterns!  Here are the highlights:

I love this dress!  Even better that it’s a knit:

I like these jackets:

These are so cute!  I love the mushroom one- very retro!  Is that a garden gnome???

This is cute!  It’d be great for a cute cotton print!

Why is it that right after I wing it and make a serger cover, that they finally come out with a pattern??  This one is so much better!

{January 31, 2009}   New Butterick patterns!

I just got back from a 2 day conference in Jacksonville, and was greeted by cat barf and new Butterick patterns!

Here’s what I think:

How to look fat in 60 seconds:

I’ve seen it before, but I’ll buy it anyway:

The shorter one is sickeningly cute:

An empire waist dress, but the pleats keep it from looking like maternity wear:

Helloooo, nurse!

I MUST have that print fabric on the left!!

The skirt on the middle dress looks like a toddler pumpkin costume:

Are you f%(*$%@g kidding me? Who would look good in this?

This woman is at it again with the frumpy-ass clothes:

et cetera