Subversive Sewer

{May 16, 2009}   An IKEA detour

I’ve finally got an Ikea store within a reasonable driving distance!  When I moved to Florida in 2005, there were no Ikea stores here.  Atlanta was the closest, and that’s about 9 hours away!  Then they built stores in Sunrise and Orlando.  The Orlando one was the closest at 2 hours away, but that’s a lot of gas money!  So, when I found out they were building a store in Tampa, one hour away, I was thrilled!  It finally opened on May 6, and yesterday was payday so I made the trip today!  I was going to go with my friend Alicia, but she had to cancel.  I figured it would be fine to go alone because then I could buzz around the store all haphazardly and not annoy anybody. 🙂

After having some apple torte and lingonberry juice, I started to shop!  If you haven’t been to Ikea, let me tell you that it is the happiest, most inspiring store around!  And the prices are great!  Even a social worker like me can afford it!  Here are some pictures of what I bought:

A table top from the ‘as is’ dept, with fun silver legs


Kids’ Poang chair, to match the 2 full size ones I already have!


flower wall lamp for Sofia’s room


blind duster, colorful frames, shelf brackets- all this for $20!


wall rail with plastic bins, for Sofia’s art supplies


Side table to replace the stool I was using, $60


Mundane, but super handy- bag clips and red gloves


pendant lamps, $9


Colorful $9 rugs!



Great haul! I had always thought they were building the Ikea in New Tampa or some other place further away from me. Imagine my delight when I found out it was only 15-20 minutes away and a direct drive down SR60. I went last Friday and again last Monday. I’ve missed having a nearby Ikea for the 20 years we’ve lived here.

Tina says:

Prepare to get all stabby…

I have had an Ikea about 4 miles from my house for the last 4 years or so. I have never been there. My MIL loves it, and tried to get me to go once — and I almost went! I just couldn’t quite get the excitment going. Now, ask me to drive the 200 or so miles to Vogue fabrics, and I would probably go in a second!

umjudis says:

Nikki – now that you know the joys of Ikea (ha, ha), you need to get on a very cool website: Ikeahacker. People submit their creations using Ikea stuff, mostly from the AS IS room. Check out Very cool indeed.

katharinec says:

Love it! You tricked out your pad. Lucky Sofia too. Doesn’t it feel good to say YES to yourself? And a woman loves making a home, let’s face it. A teacher like me can afford IKEA too, I should make a trip soon…

mamafitz says:

ooh, nikki, cool stuff! there’s an IKEA in chicago that i’ve been meaning to get to again.

regarding my raised beds/gardening, i have no idea how having the beds would affect resale value (though anyone could fill them with flowers instead of veggies). as far as weeding, i’ll probably still have to a little bit, but it shouldn’t be bad (and the beds are higher, so i can sit on the edge and weed). i think the wood will eventually rot (years, though) as it’s not treated (because you don’t want arsenic leaching into your veggies). see

subversivesewer says:

Thanks, Linda!!!

Rozella says:

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