Subversive Sewer

{July 13, 2010}   Burda 7866, knit top

I’m kinda iffy about this one.  As soon as I got this fabric in the mail, I started having second thoughts about it.  I decided to use it for this top, since I never made it before and thus didn’t know if it would work for me or not.  Here it is-

I still don’t know if I like this print.  As for the the pattern (Burda 7866), it turned out OK, but the neck facing was straight up weird.  I wish I’d taken a picture of it.  There’s gotta be a better way to do it.  I do like the extra long tie belt.  I’ve worn this once, but not out of the house.  What do you think of it?

I keep forgetting to post my project costs!  Here it is: fabric: $7.87, pattern: $5.37.  Expensive for a potential wadder!


Sewshy says:

I think this is pretty and looks quite comfortable. I wouldn’t hesitate to pair it with jeans.

Jan22 says:

I like this top and the print looks good too. I am going out to buy the pattern.

Tiffani says:

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