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{February 13, 2010}   Soldiering On

Thank you all for the nice comments!  It’s nice to have comments on my posts, since it wasn’t always that way!

In non-sewing news, it seems I may be close to buying my very own house!  After cleaning up some credit issues from my mid 20s, being in a steady job, and finding a first time home buyer program, I think I’m finally able to make that dream happen for myself.  I’m not getting too excited until I get that pre-approval letter from the bank.  I have 6 houses I plan to look at, one of which is down the street from my current place.  I spoke to the school district, and it looks like I’ll be able to keep my daughter in the same elementary school even if I buy outside the attendance zone.  That opens up more options.  Stability is extremely important for children, and it’s bad enough she’s lived in 6 homes and she’s not even 6 years old yet.  Happily, she will be staying in whatever house I buy until she’s an adult!

This is an immense source of pride for me.  Buying a house to me is proof of responsibility, stability, and maturity.  It’s been the one goal I absolutely needed to achieve to feel like a successful adult.  And I’m doing it all my myself!  It will be paid for by me alone, and bought by me alone.  With money I earned myself.  No gifts, no grants.  Just me and my efforts.

Back to sewing.  I’ve been reading the blog Pins and Needles for awhile.  Although I seem to be the polar opposite of the author both in personality and sewing interests, I still find her blog fascinating.  It seems that she’s quite well-known in the sewing blog community, but in case you’re not familiar, Summerset lives in New England with her husband, 2 children, and cats.  She makes these elaborately detailed art garments and quilts, plus clothing from vintage patterns and items for her family.  She seems very reserved and proper- again, polar opposite of me! LOL  Anyway, point in bringing her up is that a few weeks ago she was discussing pajamas in this post. It was this statement that stuck with me: 

“If you think about it, pajamas get worn a lot more than other clothes than may only get worn once a week, so it makes sense to put time and effort into making them sturdy and with the extra features.”

She is so right!  I’ve worn the most drab pajamas for as long as I can remember… not even pajamas so much as loungewear… stained, oversize sweatshirts, big ol’ t-shirts, stretch pants, and sweatpants.  In fact, that what I’m wearing right now!  Well, I bought this pattern and some cherry print flannel yesterday:

So, thank you, Summerset!  I’m gonna go prewash the fabric right now!


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