Subversive Sewer

{August 16, 2011}   Kwik Sew 3797

I hesitated to even post about this project, because it’s a bunch of drawstring bags.  But why the hell not?  Actually, I bought this pattern for the cool jewelry organizer that I will someday make, but what I really needed for our first family trip were bags for shoes and toiletries.  And they were hella useful.  I hate having the bottom of shoes touching my clean clothes, so these were perfect.  Everyone had a bag of shoes for our trip, and our toiletries were in a second bag.  And they were super cute!  Look!


Everybody got to pick a bag.  Twas fun.


{February 11, 2011}   Aprons for the kids




Well,  let me get the obvious subject out of the way…  life is much better now.  My boyfriend and i worked out our differences and things are wonderful.  My housing situation is due to improve soon thanks to a more experienced agent, and I’m just happy again in general. I’ve really appreciated your nice comments in my absence.

I havent sewn much lately due to the fact that ive moved 3 times since the house flood in october.   So,  heres what i just finished last nite.

I’m writing this on my phone so you’ll have to excuse the crappy formatting.

Anyway, this pattern is mccalls 6049, if I remember correctly. Sofia had fun picking out all the fabrics and trims. The other 2 are for my bf’s girls, who are close to Sofia’s age. They really liked them!

{January 19, 2010}   next!

More craft sewing for me.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like making clothes!  I’ve been re-organizing the arts n crafts room, and in the process found about a dozen more UFOs.  Ugh!  If I’m not feeling a project, away it goes.  Then I find it again a couple years later… I got a wheeled cart from my mom for Xmas to store them, but I quickly realized I need another one!  Since that’s not an option, I’m going to try to clear out some of it.  Here’s one that I found, chilling in a random plastic box for the past 3 years:

I believe it’s called a “quiet book.”  I probably spent a good 5 hours on it today.  Lots of cutting of small shapes!  Its original intended recipient is now 3, so I decided to make it for a coworker who’s due in April.  That should give me enough time to finish, though I really want to get it done in the next week or so. I’ve got almost all the supplies.  I just need the foil dot fabric for the butterfly wings, something for the nest (they say faux fur, I say that’s just silly), yarn for the hair, and a shoelace.  I went looking for some scraps for the doghouse, and found that I have not one plastic tub of remnants, but two!  Even worse, one of them had that dozen or so UFOs I mentioned. On the plus side, it’s fabulous that I’ll be spending almost nothing on this project!

Here’s to hoping I don’t screw this thing up!

{October 25, 2009}   Butterick 4945 Apron

Something made me decide to make an apron, which is strange because I never do anything that requires one.  I have a ton of skull print cotton I bought on clearance at Joann’s, so that’s how this project came to be.

b4945And here is the pattern I used:

I’m going to find someone who wants it and give it to them.  It was just fun to make… do you ever make a project just for its own sake?

{October 11, 2009}   Weekend update

Well, I’m trying to get my sewing mojo back.  Halloween is coming up soon and Sofia is anxiously awaiting her cowgirl costume.  I went to Joann’s on Saturday morning and picked up the supplies, threw the gingham in the wash, and by 7:30pm I was working on the costume.  I stopped at midnite because I was exhausted, but I got a lot of it done.  I finished the top and assembled the skirt; I just need to finish the waistband and fringe trim.  The belt also needs eyelets put in.  Then I’m done!  The whole thing cost $28, plus $4 for the hat at Michaels.  I still need to find some boots.  It figures- Target used to sell cowboy boots for the longest time, and now that I need ’em they’re gone!  Since it’s apparently impossible to post pics from Simplicity’s site, here’s an attempt to link to the pattern so you can see what I’m making.

I also cut 2 things: first up was the Hot Patterns’ free download, Cool, Calm and Cowl-necked top.  I got it from  I cut it from some orange bamboo/cotton jersey that I have grown to hate because it’s really flimsy and holes form at the seams where there is any form of stress.

Finally, I just cut out this apron in a cotton skull print I got for $1.50 a yard:

I also bought 3 new Simplicity patterns.  They were on sale for a buck at Joann’s, and I was surprised to find the brand new patterns in stock!  I got 2 Cynthia Rowley patterns and an embroidered Xmas stocking/ornament pattern, mostly for the Russian nesting doll ornament so I can trace an enlarged version to paint on a floorcloth for my living room.  I was reminded of their existence by a “Decorating Ideas Under $100” magazine I picked up this week.  I think this will solve my problem of needing a rug, but not being able to have one because some cats love to throw up on them.

{March 5, 2009}   Wacky Creature


Sofia had a great time designing her wacky creature.  It was easy to make, but the novelty wore off quickly.  Here’s the pattern:

{January 26, 2009}   My next 2 projects

I’m currently getting over a wicked cold, and in 2 days I have to go to Jacksonville (5 hours away I think) for a 2-day training.  This all means I won’t have much output, but I am thinking about my projects.

The first is this hilarious pattern that Sofia loves:

This is so much fun for kids!  There are 2 bodies, 3 ears, 3 arms and 6 legs, plus different options for hair and facial features.  It’s a great way to use up scrap fabric and odd notions.  I have a bunch of animal eyes and noses, reasons for buying I don’t remember, and this is how I’m going to use them up.  Sofia had a great time designing her first Wacky Creature last night.  It’s going to take just a few minutes to sew the front to the back, and then stuff it.

Now that it’s starting to warm up again here in Florida, I decided to make a jacket.  I think I own one jacket, but I’ve had it for a while and it’s too long for everyday use (it gets caught in car doors).  I’ve had this pattern since it came out, but I’ve shied away from jackets because of fitting issues.  Here it is:

Erica B‘s review really inspired me to make this.  I plan to use a fabric from Amy Butler’s Nigella collection (a twill).  I’m going to actually do what is widely recommended and make a muslin first!  The big incentive is that Amy Butler fabric is hella expensive and I don’t want to waste it on a wadder.

et cetera