Subversive Sewer

{October 11, 2009}   Weekend update

Well, I’m trying to get my sewing mojo back.  Halloween is coming up soon and Sofia is anxiously awaiting her cowgirl costume.  I went to Joann’s on Saturday morning and picked up the supplies, threw the gingham in the wash, and by 7:30pm I was working on the costume.  I stopped at midnite because I was exhausted, but I got a lot of it done.  I finished the top and assembled the skirt; I just need to finish the waistband and fringe trim.  The belt also needs eyelets put in.  Then I’m done!  The whole thing cost $28, plus $4 for the hat at Michaels.  I still need to find some boots.  It figures- Target used to sell cowboy boots for the longest time, and now that I need ’em they’re gone!  Since it’s apparently impossible to post pics from Simplicity’s site, here’s an attempt to link to the pattern so you can see what I’m making.

I also cut 2 things: first up was the Hot Patterns’ free download, Cool, Calm and Cowl-necked top.  I got it from  I cut it from some orange bamboo/cotton jersey that I have grown to hate because it’s really flimsy and holes form at the seams where there is any form of stress.

Finally, I just cut out this apron in a cotton skull print I got for $1.50 a yard:

I also bought 3 new Simplicity patterns.  They were on sale for a buck at Joann’s, and I was surprised to find the brand new patterns in stock!  I got 2 Cynthia Rowley patterns and an embroidered Xmas stocking/ornament pattern, mostly for the Russian nesting doll ornament so I can trace an enlarged version to paint on a floorcloth for my living room.  I was reminded of their existence by a “Decorating Ideas Under $100” magazine I picked up this week.  I think this will solve my problem of needing a rug, but not being able to have one because some cats love to throw up on them.


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