Subversive Sewer

{January 19, 2010}   next!

More craft sewing for me.  Sometimes I just don’t feel like making clothes!  I’ve been re-organizing the arts n crafts room, and in the process found about a dozen more UFOs.  Ugh!  If I’m not feeling a project, away it goes.  Then I find it again a couple years later… I got a wheeled cart from my mom for Xmas to store them, but I quickly realized I need another one!  Since that’s not an option, I’m going to try to clear out some of it.  Here’s one that I found, chilling in a random plastic box for the past 3 years:

I believe it’s called a “quiet book.”  I probably spent a good 5 hours on it today.  Lots of cutting of small shapes!  Its original intended recipient is now 3, so I decided to make it for a coworker who’s due in April.  That should give me enough time to finish, though I really want to get it done in the next week or so. I’ve got almost all the supplies.  I just need the foil dot fabric for the butterfly wings, something for the nest (they say faux fur, I say that’s just silly), yarn for the hair, and a shoelace.  I went looking for some scraps for the doghouse, and found that I have not one plastic tub of remnants, but two!  Even worse, one of them had that dozen or so UFOs I mentioned. On the plus side, it’s fabulous that I’ll be spending almost nothing on this project!

Here’s to hoping I don’t screw this thing up!


Skooks says:

You can do this! It’s definitely time consuming with all the little bitty pieces and whatnot, but the end result is so completely worth it. I’m sure it will be cherished by its recipient. 🙂

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