Subversive Sewer

{June 11, 2009}   New Simplicity Patterns!

I’ve been going through new pattern withdrawal, especially since none of my current ones are inspiring me right now.  So, let’s see what  Simplicity has to offer….

Maybe this would be good in a different fabric.

Has potential.

These are just fugly.

If I ever get over my aversion to vests, this one has separate fronts for B,C,D cups.

I’m pretty sure I like some of these.

OK, LOVE this.  I will be buying this pattern.

This is good too!  Go Sew Stylish!

I might buy this to make baby gifts.

A child/tween “learn to sew pattern”…. ABOUT DAMN TIME!!

Love the dresses, but man, nobody’s gonna be surprised when this kid comes out of the closet!

How did they know??  I’m so tired of hitting the brakes suddenly and all my stuff goes flying off the seat!

All these need is a stripper pole!

Not too bad, Simplicity!  What do you all think?


adrienne says:

The ONE pattern I LOVED you didn’t even post lol. I LOVE the wide leg pants lol

meg says:

Some great ones amongst those, can’t wait to get my hands on some of them and sew!

Bunny says:

I am in love with the Project Runway pattern. Thanks for bringing that one to my attention. But that ruffled horror—who would? It makes the model look a mile wide.

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