Subversive Sewer

{September 2, 2009}   New McCall’s patterns

Wow, I was so excited when I got the email that McCall’s has new patterns out.  Then I actually saw them.  I only found 2 that I like.  I’ll soften the blow by showing you those:

Now, for the uggos.  I have to start with the proof that the 80s revival has run its course:

My God!  Look at those heinous fucking pants!  I remember wearing a pink pair in middle school, circa 1989.  I’m sure there’s someone out there who wants to look like they have a tummy and thunder thighs.  Well, here are the pants that’ll do it.

Are you kidding me?  Remember the color blocked windbreakers?  Yep, right around the time Vanilla Ice was the shit.  Well, he ain’t shit now and neither is this piece of crap jacket.

Rounding out the group are some old patterns being passed out as new, more dog coats, pajamas, and lots of cheesy Xmas decorations for Grandma.  Joy!


dawn says:

Oh come on. You lurve Vanilla Ice. He’s a lyrical poet (in case you didn’t know it). hee hee. That takes me back . . .

Gigi says:

No lie, I had two pair of pants like that, circa 1984! One was a sage green silk noil, the other a black wool crepe. Ugh. You are so right, I can’t believe they are trying to pass this crap off as “new”. Their designers must have been infants in the 1980s. On the bright side, think of all the money we’ll be saving on patterns this fall.

Sewliz says:

Bwaaahhaaahaaa heinous fucking pants! I thought something similar when I saw that pattern but you said it much better in fewer words. I too am not so thrilled with these new McFlashback, uh I mean McCall’s, patterns.

Mandi says:

LOL. I had some of those pants in 1989, too. Why would they bring that crud back? It didn’t look good then, but a teenager can get away with it. This is a bad idea. Somebody at McCalls is making bad decisions!

Bunny says:

Had the pants, too! ‘Cept mine were in floral rayons. OMG. These should never have been brought back.

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