Subversive Sewer

{October 3, 2009}   New Vogue Patterns!

Yay, what a happy surprise to find in my inbox- new Vogue patterns!  Looks like we’ve got a few designer patterns, which are good to attract new sewers, and lots of dresses, which I love.

Here are my thoughts:

1150- I’m not sure about that vinyl applique around the back zipper, but I do like the rest of it

1151: I love the neckline, but its a-line shape is not good for my current figure.  Again, the zipper treatment is a little odd to me

1133:  this is unlike anything I’ve seen before.  Very statuesque.

1134:  this is pure granny.  Thumbs down.

1138:  looks like a nightie.

1146: what NOT to do with  your scrap pile:

8610- I don’t think I like the dolman sleeve with this shape of dress.  I do like the contrast stripe and bands.

8611- what the hell is this???

8622- these are neat.

8628- I love these bags!  I always buy these clutch patterns but then I never make them.  I think I’ll get it anyway.


Andrea says:

I have to get over to Vogue and check out these new patterns they’ve put out. I love the ones you have up on this post.

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