Subversive Sewer

{February 26, 2009}   New McCall’s patterns!

I was delighted to find an email in my inbox announcing the newest McCall’s patterns! Even if they suck, it’s still fun to blog about them!  Let’s get started!

This is cute, but I think I burned out on the peasant skirt trend 5 years ago

I like how view A looks like it has a corset:

Belted= cute…..  not belted= oversized 3 year old

I can’t see well enough to determine if this is cute or just a Monet

This one comes with a matching dinner napkin!

In case you didn’t already feel fat, here’s a muumuu.

McHammer, on Behind the Music…

Do I like this short sleeve jacket, or have I been seduced by the cute fabric?

Dear 31 year old Nikki: Remember when I was thin enough to wear stuff like this?  Haha, sucker!  Love, 17 year old Nikki

No, asshat, I’m NOT pregnant!  I just need a stylist!

Why do I like this so?  I can’t figure it out

If you can’t eat it, make elaborate fabric versions of them

OK, time to be serious.  This past weekend, my daughter Sofia tells me she wants a garden themed bedroom.  I immediately begin thinking of ideas.  Imagine me cheering when I saw this pattern:

They’ll never mistake you for a boy again, Kaitlin!


Bunny says:

Love your sense of humor! I can’t believe those MC Hammer pants are back. Not in my neighborhood!

Mandi says:

LOL. I thought the same thing about all of those crummy patterns. Ick. Especially the mumu. Who’s wearing that? The pants are sort of like harem pants I’ve been seeing, but not as cute as the designer ones are full on the outside of the hip, not so much the crotch thing (though I’ve seen a couple that are and they’re hideous).

“No, asshat, I’m NOT pregnant! I just need a stylist!”

Hahahahahahahahahaha! Snort! Love your snark. Keep it up! 🙂

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