Subversive Sewer

{August 16, 2011}   Jalie 3024, part 1

I bought this Jalie knit dress pattern last year for 2 reasons:  1 I love knit dresses, and 2 I’ve had great success with Jalie patterns, along with seemingly everyone else who’s tried them.

I finally got around to making this the other day.  I’ve seen a couple tank style maxi dresses on blogs (Stacy and Erica B in particular) and thought I might like one too.  I have a shorter tank dress that is really flattering, so I set out to make a longer version of it using this pattern as a starting point.  However, my skills are not that great, so I decided to first make an unaltered version for my daughter first.  She needs more clothes anyway.  I added the optional flounce because she’s 7 and 7 year olds love that stuff.

One weird thing about this pattern is that the front and back bodice are the exact same piece, making the front and back of the dress one in the same.  This is perfect for her, because she is always putting her clothes on backwards.  However, I won’t be doing that on mine.  I also realized after making this that the waist inset really needs to be in a contrasting fabric, otherwise it just gets lost.

So, I am in the midst of altering the pattern for my dress, so stay tuned.


{March 3, 2010}   Kicking Ass!

Yesterday was my last day off, so I made it count!  I made 2 tops, 1 dress, 2 headbands, a pair of underwear and cut out one of the tops, plus a fitting shell!  That’s what I’m talkin bout!

Here are pics of a few things.  I’ll get a pic of the other top later.  The underwear were a muslin (a Jalie pattern whose number I can’t recall at the moment) so I won’t take a pic of those.  I will say that everyone was right- underwear are super easy to make!  I wore them for the day and not a single wedgie!  Much better than Kwik Sew 2908 (how can I remember the pattern number for the one I don’t like?), which had an absurdly wide crotch.

This is my third rendition of New Look 6429.

Here is McCall’s 6031, which I LOVE.  I wore it today.  I made it from fabric I bought in Miami over the weekend.  Whole top cost me $5!  You can also (sorta) see one of 2 identical headbands I made as well,  using this tutorial.

Sadly, the last Wal Mart in my city to carry fabrics has decided to close the department.  Who knows what’s going there in its place.  I got the last yard and a quarter of a knit print I’d previously bought and liked, but that was it for usable fabric.  It was very sad.  Luckily, I still have a Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics 10 minutes from my house, which I realize makes me quite lucky.

et cetera