Subversive Sewer

{May 29, 2011}  

See this?

This is Vogue 1154. I’m actually going to attempt to make this for a wedding in July.  I have the silk shantung, lining, and steel boning to make it.  It has a foundation, which I’ve never done before.  On the upside, it’s a strapless dress so I don’t have to deal with my problematic shoulders.  On the downside, I still have to deal with an FBA.

Did I mention there are 63 steps on the instruction sheet????


Sue says:

Take it in small steps and make a muslin first. Such a lovely pattern, looking forward to seeing it made up. Good luck!

Katharine in Brussels says:

63 steps + FBA? Before a wedding? You have nerves of steel! Bless you!

Kat says:

I made this dress floor-length for my sorority formal this past april. it’s wonderfully drafted – fit the corset/foundation first, then adjust the pleated bodice accordingly – you may not really have to FBA that much (and I would personally want to avoid messing with the drafting of the pleats at all costs. Because I’m lazy) Once I got the foundation fitted it only took me a couple more days to finish it (and i had to take almost seam out at least once because of stupid mistakes.) And a lot of the 63 steps are extraneous. You can do it!

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