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{April 26, 2011}   Mccalls 6271


After hours of hard work, I finished the girls’ coordinating Easter dresses!

The pattern is mccalls 6271. I’m writing this on my phone, and I don’t know how to put photos anywhere but at the end. Sorry about that….

The pattern was time consuming but easy to assemble. Lots of gathering involved. I can’t find the receipt, but I believe each dress cost about $12. I bought 3 1/2 yards of each fabric and used each fabric in a different spot on each girl’s dress. And of course, each was made according to the girls’ measurements. The younger two wear a 2 but a larger size lengthwise. If you make this dress, you really need to have the child try on the dress so the back elastic can be adjusted to fit her, otherwise that neck tie is holding the whole dress up.  I should also mention that I made the length in between the 2 views to make it the desired knee length. I ended up shortening the youngest girl’s, which you have to do before attaching the bubble skirt to the self fabric lining. I shortened each the same 2 inches.

The girls loved their dresses, and we got lots of compliments on them.


Sue says:

They are such pretty dresses. I’m sure the girls loved them.

Hatty says:

So lovely. That’s the happiest and most natural picture of little girls thrilled with their dresses that I’ve ever seen! Good job.

mamafitz says:

those are darling! i like how they match/coordinate, but aren’t identical.

Karen says:

Cute! The girls look very pleased.

Shannon says:

The dresses are beautiful and it looks like the girls love them! Great job!

Bonnie says:

Cute dresses and adorable little girls!! What a great photo.

jan says:

One of those lurkers that gets inspiration and the motivation to sew past my mishaps. Thanks for posting the lovely results of your efforts.

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