Subversive Sewer

{September 27, 2010}   I am really behind on posting

Haven’t felt like blogging much lately.  But here are my latests:

Vogue 8628

They call these clutch bags.  I really should have looked at the bag’s measurements before I blindly assumed that clutch meant you could actually <i>clutch</i> it easily.  This mofo is huge!!  It’s 9×15″!!  This is why there’s a strap added to it.  I needed that just to comfortably carry the bag.  I used my last piece of leather to make it, so I skipped the recommended interfacing.  I think it’s fine without it.  The pattern calls for 2 magnetic zippers, but you only need one.  It’s what holds that tab in place that keeps the bag closed.

No costs on this one since I bought that leather so long ago that I don’t remember how much I paid.  The lining, thread and snap were stash, and the pattern was $4.

Here’s Simplicity 2998 again, now out of print.  My red one got a stain in the wash, but I like this one better because the fabric is thinner.  I like this pattern a lot; too bad it’s out of print.  I tried lining up the stripes to no avail.

Cost: pattern, used before so doesn’t count, thread- stash, fabric: $6

That’s all I have pics of for now.  I did buy a tripod, so once I figure out how to make it go taller, I’ll have some more and better pics to share.


Sue says:

I like your purse. I had to giggle when you said ‘assumed that clutch meant you could actually clutch it easily’ because I know I would have thought exactly the same thing!

Bunny says:

Your bag is fabulous! Magnetic zippers? That’s a new one on me. Can you tell us more?

Heather says:

Ha! Yeah, I wouldn’t call that a clutch either…
Too bad about your shirt getting a stain. It pisses me off to stain my handmade clothing more than the RTW stuff. And oh man, I have such a time trying to line up f’n stripes. The harder I try the worse it looks too. Oh well..

The metallic silver clutch doubles as a photo lighting reflector if you hold it at the right angle.

9 x 15! Good grief!

angie.a says:

That’s gorgeous! Is it green? I need a great green bag like that to go see Wicked next month. 😀 I’ve already been planning my outfit, haha!

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