Subversive Sewer

{August 31, 2010}   Help!

Can someone take a look at these pics and tell me what is wrong?

The first problem is the wrinkle in the left side of the “V.”  The second is really hard to photograph.  It’s the center back seam below the point of the “V.”  The seam goes in, then out, if that makes sense.  These types of seams are so hard for me to get right.  I think I’ll rip it out AGAIN and try hand stitching it, plus redoing the top of the center back seam.


Jan22 says:

I really can’t help with the fitting issues but I love the material. What kind of fabric is that?

Lilian says:

I’m not an expert either but could it be that the right side of the V is pulling at the point where its small side is attached to the back?
I’m afraid I can’t see the backseam so can’t help you with that question.
It looks very promising though. I hope you can fix the problems.

kate says:

Try pinning a bit of length out of the back at the left shoulder seam and see if lifting it up that way fixes both problems.
From the photo it looks as though your left shoulder is lower.

km says:

your left shoulder drops. This is common on women who carry a purse or bag on their right arm, most of us do. You could try pulling that side up just a hair and see if that removes your wrinkles. If so adjust accordingly.

In a jacket you can put in a slightly thicker shoulder pad. Or do shoulder exercises, and carry your bag on the left.

I agree with Kate and KM – your left shoulder is definitely lower than your right. I’d pull up the seam at that shoulder (only on the back, not the front) and see how it looks. The fold at the bottom of the right part of the V seems to me like that may require letting out the bottom of the V just a bit. But like KM suggests, pull up the left shoulder first and see what difference that makes.

violet says:

I don’t have any fixes for you so I hope the previous suggestions work. I was just going to say, there’s a reason why those judges on Project Runway always say that shiny stuff shows every single flaw.
Other that that – great dress!

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