Subversive Sewer

{July 13, 2010}   Simplicity 2903, halter top

This is my third go-round with this pattern.  One was a wadder that I never posted (my fault, not the pattern’s), and the other is right here. I decided to go with a theme and make another top from this pattern with another Harajuku Lovers print from the Fabric Fairy.

Here’s the envelope:

This top only cost me $7 to make!  That’s good stuff!  This fabric is SO soft, and the print is just adorable.  The top looks a little short in the pic, but it’s long enough on me.  Really looking forward to wearing this tomorrow!


stacy says:

I adore this top! I wish I would have gotten this material from the Fabric Fairy – it makes a perfect halter!

Really? It’s long on you? It’s a teaser then, this photo–it looks waist-length. Okay tired baby is crying…

Jan22 says:

We haven’t heard from you lately and I so enjoy reading your blogs. I hope this is because you are settling into your new house. I am one of the lurkers and you have inspired me to go back to the sewing machine everytime I create a wadder.

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