Subversive Sewer

{June 17, 2010}   Eureka!

Wow, do I regret not returning to Jay’s Fabric Center in St. Petersburg sooner!  I went there once in 2005, before I really understood what quality fabric was.  I didn’t think much of it because I looked at a few bolts that were $10/yard and decided it was too expensive, not even looking around much.  Dumb move.

Today I went knowing much more about fabrics, and let me tell you.  This place was all I wanted in a fabric store!  I wish I would have thought to take pics.  It’s the size of a standard Joann’s but it’s ALL fabric and notions!!!  They have solids on the perimeter and prints in the center, which the employee told my inquisitive 6 year old is so that you can see the prints in more detail (since they’re more accessible).  They have a modest selection of quilting cottons, around $10/yard, then an awe-inducing array of fashion fabrics.   They had everything there, from sportswear to formal.  I saw the most beautiful special occasion fabrics, the likes of which I’ve never seen.  The most expensive I saw was $130/yard, but most were $30-70.  Rolls and rolls of them. Tons of French terry, which I was very happy to see.  They had a sale table of knits, lots of swimwear, denim, broadcloth, batiste, gabardine, satin, chiffon, everything, I tell you!

I was so overwhelmed by all the wonderful stuff I only bought 3 things… French terry for $6/yard, knit print for $4/yard (sale price), and some hot  pink elastic belting, the price of which I forgot but I know was cheap!  They have cool zippers, drawers full of buttons, notions, threads, patterns, home dec fabrics and notions.  It was beautiful.  I won’t have to order my swimwear elastic online anymore, as they carry it in 2 widths, plus the hooks for bikini tops.  So much unique stuff I’d never seen before.

The service was very good.  I was asked if I needed help or a cart to carry my fabrics while browsing, and I waited less than a minute to have my fabric cut by a very nice employee.  Their hours are limited (9-5:30, closed Sunday), but other than that I can’t think of a single complaint!

I went to Miami looking for a store that is a mere 1/2 hour away!!  I haven’t been to many independent fabric stores (just Vogue Fabrics in Evanston, IL once when I lived in WI), but I can’t imagine it getting any better than this unless you’re in NYC or LA.  SO worth it!


Gigi says:

I didn’t know about Jay’s! Next time I’m in Tampa I’ll make sure to go there.

angie.a says:

Well now I’m super jealous. 😀

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