Subversive Sewer

{June 6, 2010}   Thinking Out Loud

I still have to take and post pictures of all the clothes I sewed last weekend, yet I’m already thinking about my next projects.  For some reason I’m drawn to this odd vintage hat on the upper left:

This is Vogue 7464.  I’ve never once had a shred of desire to make a vintage hat.  In fact, I haven’t made a hat of any kind in 5 years.  I actually look really stupid in hats.  If I did make this, I would just display it and never wear it.  It just seems fun to make.

Then there’s this pattern which I own already.  I suddenly have renewed interest in it:

It’s that one on the lower left that’s got me in its grip.  This one is Vogue 8642.  It’s made from faux leather or suede.  I’m finding some good prices on ebay.   The one on the upper left is also really cool.

I also caught myself up to 2009 technology and bought a smartphone today, a Motorola Droid.  I need a case for it, and I just happen to have McCall’s 6091:

That is totally Natasha from America’s Next Top Model, but I digress.  I don’t have any suitable home dec fabric to use so I ordered a 1/2 yard piece on ebay.  I think I should have ordered more fabric to make that tote bag as well.  I need a gym bag, since hell froze over and I’m now working out up to 6 days a week.  Why, you may ask?  Because I got to the point that I was disgusted by what I saw in the mirror.  My body enjoys storing almost all its excess fat in my belly area; not cute.  So you may not see any pants or skirts without elastic waists from me for awhile.  Not unless I made the waistbands easy to take in.


angie.a says:

I love vintage hats! I’ve never made one though. Is it wool?? I really like the orange-y one on the top right. I wish ladies still wore hats. I’d be all over that. And gloves! But no panty hose, yuck. 😀

Shannon says:

Ooo! I love the white purse with the big ruffle flower!!! Make that one! I might have to go get this pattern!

I have loved that hat for ages… can’t imagine where to wear it though. Betcha tons of sewists bought it just to stash and fondle until they realize there is no way to work it in to modern life, unless sewing for a period theatre piece. But if there were, I’d be right there! Maybe a wedding in the UK, if you remember Trinny & Susannah recommending in one of their books ‘a talking point’ type of hat for a wedding (it was crafted to look like butterflies taking flight from Trinny’s head). Like Shannon I also like the big flower purse, and your choice as well. It will be cute in faux leather–and potentially washable. A Motorola Droid? Never heard of it!

MusicSnob says:

One. I love that I stumbled across you via twitter & two that you sew. I’ve been trying to find someone to make something for me. If you’re interested email me


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