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{May 31, 2010}   Simplicity 2365, magenta poplin tunic

Hi there!  I’m a little behind on posting finished projects!  Here is what I finished last weekend:

I made this to wear with leggings, which are great when you’ve gained weight and your pants don’t fit.  The pattern is Simplicity 2365:

I made view C, the middle right one rendered in the red and white print.  I made mine from magenta stretch poplin, which I’d bought at Hancock Fabrics a year or 2 ago for another shirt that I quickly decided was too dowdy.  Since then, the fabric sat on the shelf, taunting me to find a use for it.  This turned out perfectly because it was just the right amount!  The hard part was finding matching thread and buttons.  Only Joann’s had the right shade of thread and buttons, which my daughter found for me!  They are a perfect match!

I don’t sew woven tops often due to the fit issues I have with them, but I was careful and tried it on as I sewed it.  It didn’t need a FBA, luckily.  It had tons of details, which are fun to do once in a while:

And I actually made the inside of a garment look nice!  I’m so envious of those bloggers who show off the insides of their garments.  Mine ain’t couture, but I’m proud nonetheless:

The only problem I had didn’t have anything to do with the pattern.  The top is a cotton, and my leggings are a cotton blend knit, so the top tends to “stick” to the leggings instead of hanging nicely.  I found myself tugging at it all day.  I made a miniskirt (Jalie 2920) from a shiny knit which I plan to wear over the leggings to see if that helps.  I’ll post more on that after I get a picture of it.

I also made a hanging organizer from the OOP Simplicity 5124:

It’s nothing special, so it’s not getting its own post.  I made it from scraps of stretch poplin and Amy Butler quilting cotton.  It’s going to go in my coat closet (in my future house) to hold all my gadgets and stuff that normally go on a tabletop and clutter things up.  It’s identical on both sides, so it’ll hold lots of junk.


angie.a says:

This is fabulous!! I don’t have this pattern, drat it. I haven’t been to a Hancocks in months (if you can believe that!) so I’ve missed a bunch of pattern sales. Really, i have soooo many patterns I don’t need another, but you’re tempting me! Great color on you too!

ps…the inside looks spectacular. You should be proud!
pps…you crack me up. (“when you gain weight and your pants don’t fit” haha!!)

Bunny says:

This looks really cute on you. You did a really nice job of finishing the inside. I just bought this pattern yesterday and have my eyes on View C as well. Thanks for the inspiration.

umjudis says:

This looks great on you and judging by your smile it feels great too! Good job on the seam finish.

Gigi says:

I love that top on you! I actually picked up this pattern over the weekend and plan to make the same version.

Shannon says:

Adorable top! It looks great on you and I love the color!

violet says:

I have that problem when I wear unlined woven-fabric tunics/dresses/skirts with tights.But the worst thing is when I wear a velveteen tunic with tights and a coat plus a well-loaded bag. Because something about this combination causes tunic-creep of the most inconvenient kind…

Really well finished inside! I was thinking of Gigi when you mention bloggers who finish well, and voilà, she commented 🙂 That tunic dress looks cooler to wear than pants anyway. Mwah. Who needs them.
Future house? Oh this is exciting!
What a clever hanger cover, to orgnaize running out of the door. Smart.

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