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{May 23, 2010}   Swimsuit Odyssey, Part 5- Done!

Well, the swimsuit odyssey has come to an end, but many more odysseys are on the horizon, my friends.  Despite picking a very complicated project (by my standards), I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the result.  There a couple RTW suits I want to copy and maybe I can come up with my own designs as well.

One more shot of  the process and then I will show you the result.

I know it’s hard to tell, but this is the upper edge of the suit, before the strap was attached.  You’ll notice that I placed the elastic right at the edge in places as instructed, but in the back and sides I placed it a little below the edge.  This was so I could attach the strap, which I modified.  (Notice how I’m not calling this a tutorial, since I suck at explaining this and lack adequate illustrative photos!)  That crappy BurdaStyle Alison suit had the strap style I used, and in fact, I cut a longer version of their pattern piece for this.  However, they wanted you to stitch the whole thing RS together and then attach it to the suit, creating a shitload of bulk and likely an ugly result.  Instead, I did the logical thing and marked on the suit and strap with a snip where the strap was no longer attached to the suit and those ends were stitched RS together.  The rest was basted WS together at the edge, then attached to the back and sides of the suit.  Hopefully you can see it if you click on the photo below of the back.

Well, here you go!  You can see that I suck at photo editing, but it got the job done.  I don’t want my pics stolen by some perv and used on a dating site or something.

Ironically, I started exercising a few days ago, so hopefully I’ll be able to make a suit without ruching over the belly area soon.  Overall, I’m really happy with the way this turned out.  Sure, it’s not perfect (the inside ain’t so hot, and there probably isn’t enough bust support), but as a first suit for myself, and my second suit ever, I’m very pleased with myself.  I plan to wear this to my office beach party next month!  (hey, it’s Florida, you know!)

And, as always, if you see something that’s off, or you don’t like it altogether, I honestly appreciate those comments too.


Sue says:

You’ve done a super job!

Great job! Brava! I’ve been reading your posts about the swimsuits, but I’m very impressed with your final garment. Well done!

sewshy says:

This looks great! I really like the retro styling and find it much more attractive than a skimpy swimsuit.

Lucy says:

That is one sexy mama swimsuit!!! Seeing this makes me so tempted to try my own… congratulations!

angie.a says:

oh my gosh! That is SOOO cute! I really love what you did with the strap. Damn you for being a sucky tutorial-giver (haha, j/k!)

Now I’m really, REALLY tempted to totally and completely copy you.

mamafitz says:

it looks darling!

Great job! This looks so good on you. The polka-dots are perfect for the retro styling.

Shari says:

Love your swimsuit very retro…looks wonderful on you..very flattering!

Kristy says:

oh my that is a fantastic swimsuit! I was a bit worried when I saw the Kwik Sew line drawing you were using as a base, but your version has turned out amazing. Of course it helps that you have amazing legs and curves in the right places for that style

Jan says:

This looks fantastic! You are giving me the courage to try it myself.

Dang you look great! Pounds thinner in a swimsuit than in your new tunic dress! Wear more clingy things, seriously. And good idea to scribble out your face, there are weird ppl on the net.

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