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{May 20, 2010}   Swimsuit Odyssey, Part 4

Well, I’ve been working on this swimsuit every night this week.  I  had to stop early tonight because I ran out of navy thread!

So far, I  have the lining assembled, the skirt finished and the bust attached.  The skirt was a unique experience.  I knew I wanted a lot of ruching but was unsure how long a piece I needed to get the amount I wanted.  I guessed wrong, but I was using my muslin fabric so it was OK.  It did give me a ratio to start with.  I ruched a 28″ piece to 10″ but it needed to be 21″ long ruched.  I knew there was a ratio involved, but math is not my strength.  Luckily, my cousin was home (did I mention he lives with us now), and being a law school graduate and all-around genius, I knew he could help me.  We soon realized that 8th grade math was a LONG time ago, because he sat there staring at the numbers on the dry erase board, laughing.  I knew we had to solve for X and thought maybe there should be some cross-multiplying involved.  Andy wasn’t sure, so he did some complicated stuff, and we came up with the same answer: 58″!

This was a really long piece- about 5′ long!  I used the lining piece as a guide for the width of the front skirt, using the narrower top for the first 1/3 of the ruched front, and the wider bottom for the rest:

The center back seam was curved, so I had to keep it for the back skirt.  I had moderate success with matching the print.  Again, I used the lining piece as a guide.

I’ve got all that sewn together.  However, when I attached the bust piece to the front, I realized that its sides needed to be attached to the back.  So, I had to rip out a bit of the skirt front, remove it, and attach the bust pieces to that and the sides.  Hope that was clear.

So, after I buy more thread, I’ll attach the back band/strap combo, finish the bottoms (attached to the lining), add some elastic, and attach the lining to the main suit.  Hopefully it’ll all turn out!


Bunny says:

Five feet long!!??!! I have to see this. It really sounds not quite right to me but I will trust your design instincts.

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