Subversive Sewer

{May 13, 2010}   Halter FAIL

And I wasted cool fabric on this one.


This is McCall’s 6031, which I previously had success with.  That was a different view though.  This one  only shares the elasticized midriff piece.  On the envelope, the front looks all nicely gathered, but on me it’s not at all.  That might be because my bust is larger than the pattern standard.  There’s more!  Notice how the neckline gapes really bad on one side.  And the back sags, even though I used the correct length of elastic.

So now I shall try another halter top, now that I finally have a bra that converts to a halter.

PS- I just checked, and this is my 200th post!  How cool is that!  My poor, single parent, social worker ass has no giveaways for you, so I’ll just say thank you for reading about my trials and tribulations and offering your help along the way.  Hopefully I’ll be a better sewer by my 300th post!


Congrats on your 200th post. I love to read your blog!
Sorry that the top didn’t work out. The fabric looks lovely but sometimes it just isn’t meant to be.. Good luck with your next project.

Bunny says:

Congratulations on the 200th!

I definitely think you needed to adjust for a fuller bust for this one. I also think perhaps a wider stronger elastic might have worked a little better for the back. Oh, well, live and learn. That is dang cute fabric!

Sewliz says:

I hate it when patterns act nasty like that! The girl in the pattern looks like she has a stretch fabric that is hiked up pretty high just to make it not sag. You could try turning the halter into a criss cross in the back that attaches to the elastic edge. That would change the angle of the front pieces just a bit, maybe to a better fit, and would keep the back pulled up. It would require adding a strap piece but it might save the nice fabric.

mamafitz says:

200 posts! cool!

too bad the top is craptastic. i think you need to do a FBA on that halter, but to be honest, i’ve never really liked how halter tops look on my full bust, no matter how well they fit. i think it’s that i don’t like the bare back. i’ve been thinking of trying the AB cabo halter again, but doing a criss-cross back like (the age of aquarius top, may 4 post, i can’t get it to link directly).

angie.a says:

WOOT! On the 200 posts!!!

Rats on the top though. I hate projects like that. Buzzkills! Move along, there’s more fabric to buy and more patterns to try! (heh, I didn’t intentionally rhyme, but I think we have a new mantra. :D)

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