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{May 3, 2010}   Garment Industry Jobs Among the Fastest to Decline

I was doing some research on which fields have the best employment prospects and came across this sad bit of information:  several of the jobs on the “fastest declining” list are in the garment and textile industry.  While this isn’t particularly surprising, it’s still very sad.  We’ve known for years that much of the clothing we buy that is manufactured overseas is produced under deplorable working conditions.  Yet we as a country do little to nothing to stop it.  Instead, we fully endorse it with our dollars.  In addition, shipping items halfway around the world is hardly good for the environment.  Instead, we could produce what we need domestically, reduce our carbon footprint, and provide good jobs for US citizens who need them now more than ever.  It really speaks volumes about where our priorities are as a society.

As for me, I’ll continue producing clothing, for myself, right here in the USA.


Gigi says:

Sadly, we have become a nation of consumers. About 6 months ago, I watched a program on the NYC garment industry (Rags to Riches to Rags) and it was pretty depressing. Luckily, those of us who sew are generally very good with our hands and can do for ourselves to cut down on the purchase of foreign-made goods.

joan says:

I completely agree with you about the stupidity of importing Everything we wear from other countries, but to think the issue out a bit further, we Americans have gotten very used to our cheap, throwaway clothing as well as having a lot of choices in our closets. To bring the manufacturing jobs back to the US we would need to pay our sewing workers a living wage which would bring prices to a level that we simply are not used to absorbing for the things we need and want.

Personally, I would pay more for items manufactured in the US but I can supplement them with things I make myself. Not everyone has the skills or time to do that.

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