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{April 27, 2010}   2 Dresses

How is everyone in blogland?  I have a couple completed projects to show you!

First up is the navy knit dress, New Look 6922, that I made a week and a half ago (my 5-garment weekend).

Not sure if you can tell, but this is a disaster on many levels.  First, I apparently temporarily forgot what I’d learned about flat pattern measuring.  There is not enough room in the belly area, so it draws attention there.  Dealbreaker!  There’s also horizontal lines where it’s pulling across the bust… FBA needed there.  So since the fabric can’t skim over that area, I get this weird effect above  the bust.  I’m deciding whether to Goodwill it or hang onto it for summer PJs.  ETA: Costs: pattern: $4, fabric: $6.37

Next up is Simplicity 2377.  Once in a while I make my daughter a dress, which she is mildly interested in and happily wears.  We’d found some Wow Wow Wubbzy! fabric at Walmart before they got rid of their fabric, so we bought a yard and a half with the idea of eventually making it into something.  She didn’t have any ideas (not realistic ones anyway), so I made this dress last weekend.  She wore it to school with tights yesterday:

Cute, huh?  I measured her and was shocked… she’s all over the place, size-wise!  She’s only a 3 in chest, waist and hips, 6 in height, and an 8 (!!!) in the torso!  My mom makes her pajamas with a peasant style top, and I’d always noticed that the tops were really baggy.  Well, this would be why!  I’ve got a tiny supermodel! LOL

I still have to get pics of a couple projects: Jalie yoga pants (wearing them now!), McCall’s long skirt (forgot the number), Kwik Sew 3592, and a Burda wadder top.  Stay tuned!


Bunny says:

You want my honest opinion? I think you look pretty doggone cute in that blue dress. There’s just enough boob pull to make someone take notice and I don’t mean another stitcher. 😉 I’d wear it and just do the next one differently. I know you appreciate honesty on your blog. Your daughter is darling. Wish I knew what a wow, wow, wubsbsy was!

Bunny says:

Just want to add that I think that neckline and sleeve combo is very flattering, bringing the eye up and putting the focus away from the areas you want ignored.

Colleen P. says:

I like the dress on you-good color, good design. Yes, it’s a TINY bit tight at the bustline, but I think you can make it work-and keep in mind knits do sometimes “grow” as the day goes on. If the belly area (I honestly don’t see it too tight there) bothers you enough that you won’t wear it, cut it off and make it into a tee. It’s too pretty to sleep in!

angie.a says:

Ooh, I like the dress too! I’d probably wear it. 😀

angie.a says:

Forgot to say, she is So stinkin cute in her dress too!

Jenny Baker says:

Ya know….that dress pattern could probably be a night gown, or if you know how to make the jammie bottoms ( which I don’t), you could make the dress shorter to long-shirt
length for the top!

What fabric does your mom use for jammies?

Nikki says:

She uses regular ol’ cotton prints (licensed characters) for summer jammies, and cotton flannel for winter ones.

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