Subversive Sewer

{April 25, 2010}   Sweatshop Saturday

I think I’m going to turn this into a regular thing.  Now that I have my sewing area in the living room, I’m sewing more, just as I expected.  Today started with my friend Alicia coming over so I could help her shorten some curtains she bought.  She’d never used a sewing machine before, so I had her sew part of a seam.  I don’t think I’ve converted her to a sewing fanatic, but it was fun anyway!

Next up, I cut and sewed a dress for Sofia.  I’ll do a post on it tomorrow when I can get a picture of her in it (she’s with her dad on Saturdays).

After watching the Project Runway Finale online (no cable for me), my back was still hurting, so I put off the McCall’s 6031 halter top I cut out last weekend and cut the pattern and fabric for New Look 6918, which I bought yesterday.  I used a suiting fabric with a pinstripe, and I actually remembered to match the stripes on the pockets and yokes!  Yay me!

I’m hoping to work on the halter tomorrow.  If not, maybe I can get some cutting done.


Sue says:

Looking forward to seeing your finished garments!

Jan says:

I tried moving my sewing to the TV area. My problem is that I keep everything spread out all over the place when I am not working. The complaints from my husband just destroy the creative process. He has been away this weekend so I am able to pad a headboard but when he is here …

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