Subversive Sewer

{April 21, 2010}   fruitful weekend

Well, I was right- putting the sewing machines in the living room DID help me sew more!  I completed a total of 5 garments: 3 tops and a dress on Saturday, and a top on Sunday.  All knits, because I already need a break from fitting hassles!  Here are 2 of the tops:

Simplicity 2364:

I don’t know how some of you write novels about all your projects.  This tee took about an hour to sew, so there’s not a whole lot to say about it.  It did take 4 tries to get the shrug thing right.  I’m not wild about the cowl because it’s not that drapey and thus looks sloppy to me.  I wonder how I could modify the neckline on future versions.

Cost: fabric: $7.87, pattern: $1, thread: stash

Jalie 2806:

LOVE this one.  The hem band hides my gut, the sleeves are cute and original, and the instructions were helpful.  Not only do they remind you to be careful so you don’t end up with 2 identical sleeves, but they also tell you how to NOT have a gapping neckline!!  This is my third Jalie pattern, and I can tell you they so live up to the hype!  Can’t wait to make the jeans!  I’m also working on the underwear, which kick Kwik Sew 2908’s ass!

Cost: fabric: $7.21, pattern: $13ish, thread: stash

I traced Kwik Sew 3300, the bra pattern.  I’ve been having fun making items I swore I’d never be able to make: underwear, bras, swimwear, and jeans.  Speaking of swimwear, I made a swimsuit for my daughter where I lined the whole thing.  Except it’s too tight to wear.  Should I cut a bigger size if I’m lining it?


Sue says:

Your tops look great! I too love the Jalie patterns.
I’m not sure about swimwear but I would imagine that you would need 4-way stretch fabric and the same for a lining. That way it would stretch around the body and down the body like swimwear should.
That’s just my thoughts … lol
All the best with the next one you make.

Colleen P. says:

Loving the Jalie pattern-it realy suits you! (and is it okay if I hate you for looking 3 sizes smaller in it?) I really think the Jalie patterns may just be a better fit for you than the Big 4.

angie.a says:

I really love that Jalie tee. Dangit, I don’t have it and am on a pattern diet right now. Although I’ll probably survive on all the patterns I DO own. I just have cute purple top envy! 😀

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