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{April 10, 2010}   Where to find me

…. besides here, if you’re interested.  After reading Gigi’s post about Pattern Review, it really got me thinking.  For the last 7 years, I’ve faithfully reviewed almost every garment I’ve made there, hoping that it would help others.  I also enjoyed the feedback.  I’ve had a paid membership because I like the pattern catalog feature (a good way to see if any of my patterns had been reviewed.)  However…. There have been very few reviews that I’ve benefited from on PR in a very long time.  I find my commenters here, plus their blogs, much more helpful.  Also, after thinking it over, I’ve decided that I’m no longer comfortable with someone benefiting financially from content I provided.  At 356 pattern reviews, plus a dozen or so other types of reviews, I might actually have posted the most reviews of any member (if anyone has a way to find that out, let me know).  If it were a nonprofit community, I’d happily continue posting.

You can call me whatever you want, but this is how I feel.  I feel pretty strongly about this; I’ve also made a point of spending my career working for non-profits (with a few exceptions in college).  If I’m going to help a for-profit venture be successful, I expect to be compensated.  Therefore, I have begun to delete each of my reviews on PR.

I have set up an account at Stitcher’s Guild, and if I feel the desire to post on a message board, that’s where I’ll do it.


Gigi says:

Nikki, you must be one of the most prolific reviewers (if the THE most prolific). I haven’t followed the PR reviews in years (unless someone brings something to my attention) and I’m so happy that so many sewers are now blogging. You’ll love SG, no drama there.

Martha says:

Hello – I found your blog via Gorgeous Fabrics’ Blog and have seen your reviews on the PR site. Because I live in FL, I looked at the PR member profiles to see if anyone lived in my area, (I didn’t notice at that time that you live in my area) in the hopes of perhaps sharing sewing knowledge, advice on great fabric stores, things like that. After looking at your measuring and fitting trials, all I can say is that I feel your frustration and pain. I have measured, remeasured, had my husband measure me,(forget that, he was way off), and I am no closer to sewing a well fitted garment than I was when I began. I live in Bradenton, east of I75, so when you mentioned in one of your posts that you went to Lane Bryant, then Bealls next door, then Penneys and you mentioned Hancocks, the lightbulb went on. I checked PR, and now I see you also live in Bradenton. I don’t know of anyone who sews clothes, most everyone around here is a quilter so I’m on my own (along with all the books and videos I’ve purchased) in trying to solve my fitting woes. If at anytime you may want to meet and chat about sewing over coffee, we could meet somewhere – Books a Million or Starbucks if you live in town. I have lived in Bradenton for 11 years, we built our house here, my husband works in a very large insurance agency in downtown Bradenton, so please don’t think I’m a wacko. I’m just a sewer who would like to meet other clothing sewers. BTW, did you buy your house? Hope to hear from you. Thank you, Martha – Please don’t add this to your blog…I guess I could have left you a PM over at PR, but I don’t know if you are still active, other than deleting your reviews.

Fran Giacobbe says:

I understand your issues with PR although I am not aware of the “drama” that folks speak of. I must not pay a lot of attention! I certainly respect your decision to no longer post there. I have posted several times but tend to post on SG. I enjoy blog reading so much more and benefit from it.

dawn says:

This issue has been on several blogs lately. I have NO IDEA what people are talking about! Oh well. I like to stay out of the drama anyway. 🙂

subversivesewer says:

Hey Dawn! There’s been discussion about how PR is run and how transparent it is or isn’t, and whether people feel comfortable with someone profiting from content that was provided for free. Once I got to thinking, I decided I was most comfortable with no longer contributing to PR.

Lucy says:

I benefit from other people’s knowledge and experience of patterns – thus I don’t mind putting my tuppence-worth back in.

That said, I only really use the pattern review feature. I’m a member of The Sewing Forum (a UK board) which is smaller, easier to read IMO, and of course for me has the benefit of being in the UK, so I use that if I actually want to discuss stuff.

mamafitz says:

i’m so glad that you, along with many others, have blogs. i haven’t read a review in a few years, and rarely post them anymore. i have an account at SG, but i forget to go over there.

When I see drama posted at PR, I do not respond (or at least I think I don’t), and click away from that message.

I’ve been a member of PR for eight years, and only started really reading the boards two years ago. Since I’ve found so many blogs to read, I’m trying to wean myself of reading the PR boards, but not succeeding very well. =)

Hi Nikki, I completely understand. Like Gigi, you’re a prolific reviewer and we’ll miss you. I stopped being active on PR a couple rage-fests ago. Remember you posted here once about an over-zealous researcher for a stash contest? Yeah. It seems like it’s been that way ever since. Sometimes you can just click on the Misc board, see an avatar, and without reading the post know a flame war has begun. Recently I got offended by a breastfeeding in public thread on Misc… Thanks for telling us about SG, I might check it out.

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