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{April 7, 2010}   Why I’m Over Pattern Review

This thread epitomizes the insipid bullshit that makes me not visit Pattern Review too often anymore, save for entering my new patterns into its pattern catalog feature.  Sorry I can’t be bothered to give a shit, but after returning from a day at work which consisted of reading about such things as a toddler raped by her father, it kinda puts things in perspective.

Now, if I can remember to get a pic tomorrow, I’ll post about the massive stack of fabric I got from Denver Fabrics.



You’re right – that puts things in perspective.

Mary says:

There’s stupid shit going on at Pattern Review? I’ve been too busy to visit. Seems like that’s the way with groups…we had bouts like that over at Artistic Threadworks too. I try to stay out of that stuff.

Bunny says:

Well, I am glad you forewarned us. I can’t be bothered to even click the link. That crap is not why I blog and search sewing sites.

I haven’t been able to get excited about posting my reviews lately on PR. I just don’t seem to have the time. Maybe that will change. I do enjoy submitting my reviews but priorities, you know.

Bunny says:

Oh, and do the colors of the site and the same old look bother any one besides me? I guess I am just being petty.

Vivian says:

Well, I just want to see what you got from Denver Fabrics.

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