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{March 28, 2010}  

I got my tax refund yesterday, so when I was at Hancock Fabrics I decided to “splurge” on a $20 DVD- Fit for Real People!  I had a busy day attending a baby shower and my daughter’s birthday party, so I only had the opportunity to watch part of it.  Well, I am definitely a visual learner, because the fitting process is so much clearer to me now!!   The only challenge will be making the adjustments on myself.  I might ask my cousin, who is staying at my house now, to take pictures so I can look at them on my computer and see if I can find any needed adjustments.

Thank you all for your fitting observations.  So many of you felt that I need a bra fitting that I am going to do just that.  I have never had one before, but I believe the department stores offer this.  I need a strapless and halter bra anyway, and there are no known patterns for that style of bra, so I will buy one at whatever store I get fitted at.  Does anyone have any suggestions for which store?  I have a Dillards and Macys in my area.  I’ve heard that Victoria’s Secret doesn’t do a good job, but if you know otherwise, I’ll go there.  There is a Soma store nearby, but it’s in a ritzy area and I couldn’t pass for ritzy in this lifetime, so I’d just assume avoid that option.

Coming soon: an exploration of personal style.  I recently discovered the blog Male Pattern Boldness, which I really enjoy.  He recently blogged about finding one’s personal style, which reminded me that I really need to find mine.  I think that because I’m almost 33, I think that I should get on that soon!  I’m kinda all over the place.  Do I want to go bohemian?  Artsy?  Retro?  Vampy?  Preppy?  Rock n roll?  Urban?  Glam?  Or a mix of some of these?  I’ll blog about each of these, and maybe that’ll help me decide.  Of course, if you have a suggestion, I’d love to hear it!  And that includes hair, makeup and accessories too (like start wearing some!).


Bunny says:

Victoria’s Secret definitely does not know how to fit a bra. BTDT. You would think, huh? My personal favorite is J.C. Penney’s. They have trained fitters on staff and they do a great job IMO. I would call ahead and ask when the fitter will be working, which is usually pretty often, and give them a try. Good luck. I recently did just this at Penny’s and I tell ya’, what a difference in my princess seams!

Christy S says:

I too would suggest J.C. Penney because they keep fitters around. Like Bunny said, just ask them when the fitters will be working. I’d also ask who the best bra fitter is and then ask for their schedule.

Clio says:

Hi Subversive – Thanks so much for commenting on my blog! I had the same experience with the free ‘not really a cowl’ top from HP. It is currently in my UFO pile.

If there is one near you, I recommend Bra Smyth ( for a fitting. I take bras very seriously – having the right foundations can really make the difference in how good your clothing looks on.

Colleen P. says:

JC Penney’s does great bra fittings and has really good bras as well! If you turn out to be above 36C (and I put you in the D or DD cup range) definitely check out Cacique, which is Lane Bryants undergarment division. Yes, I know the store itself is for larger sizes. However, I buy my bras there almost exclusively and their clothes are too big for me, and the lady that did my fitting said that a lot of women that get their bras there are much too small for their clothes. Their bras also support more at the sides of the cups and have wider straps and side panels, which in turn improves posture. My only problem is that their shoulder straps tend to be set too far apart, but this is usually a problem for me in any brand of bra. Victorias secret don’t do enough bras over a C-cup to make it worth the trip and usually have really skinny straps which cause them to slip and slide-nothing is more attractive than spending the day picking and pulling to keep your girls straight, right?

Lauren says:

Bras vary so much between brands, I think the best bet is to just take some time and try on LOTS of bras. I hate bra shopping, but that’s what I have to do. Believe it or not, Target is my go to place for just regular t-shirt bras. Yes, I try on a million bras, but I’ve found some that fit me at a good price. As for strapless, I swear by Victoria’s Secret’s Very Sexy strapless. It’s $50, but I haven’t found anything like it, and I’ve searched everywhere. I can wear it with anything I would need a strapless for. And it makes the girls look amazing. When you go to try bras on, make sure you wear (or bring) the type of top you want to wear the bra with. For example,if you want a seamless bra that you are sure won’t be seen, wear a thin white tee. BTW, this is coming from someone who is about a 34-36D, depending on the brand and style.

Also wanted to add, I used to work at a department store in the lingerie department, and I got my bra fitting certificate, lol. I hope nobody takes offense to this, but I really think department store bra fitters are over-rated. It’s not an exact science, b/c brands and even styles within the brands aren’t consistent. So don’t be afraid to try on lots of bras, even if associates give you the evil eye. And (seriously) jump around and bend over in the fitting room, too. Also, your band should fit at the smallest closure b/c the bands can stretch out. And lastly, only buy the ones that are great.


Becky says:

I’ve been exploring my own personal style this year too (just turned 29, so I figured I’d better sort that out before I reach the dreaded 3-0). One of the resources that helped me the most is the series of blog posts on finding it over at–her style is decidedly vintage, but her advice applies very well to figuring out whatever your style is, I think. Also, I’ve been looking at a lot of fashion bloggers’ sites lately (the ones who blog their daily outfits), and while a lot of them don’t necessarily fit my style, as most of them seem to wear skirts or dresses every single day, I did get some ideas I may not have thought of before.

LindaNan says:

I went to the NYC branch of this shop and I am now wearing a properly fitting bra for the first time ever!. I intend to take my daughter (Naples, FL) here the next time I am on the Mainland.


Aventura Mall
19501 Biscayne Blvd.
Aventura, Florida 33180 USA
Phone (786) 629-9229

Nordstrom Wing
1st level

Store Hours
Monday – Saturday 10AM – 9:30PM
Sunday 12PM – 8PM

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