Subversive Sewer

{March 25, 2010}   Where’d everybody go?

So many of you nice folks asked me to post pictures of my fitting shell to help me diagnose fitting issues.  I did, but I only got one response!  (thanks, Colleen!)  Please?  Help?


Jane says:

I agree with Colleen about the bra, it’s the first thing noticed (thanks to all that Trinny and Susannah watching). If you intend to change that situation it would be helpful to post new pics with the new undergarment. Having been forced to wear less than supportive garments post surgery, I know it makes a big difference in fit.

Gigi says:

Oh Nikki, I’m so sorry! Things are really turned upside down at my house this week and (the closer we get to being finished the more chaotic things are becoming!), to make matters worse, I am sick. Ugh. I will get some time to look at your photos this weekend!

Bunny says:

Despite all my years of sewing, and I have even made a few slopers, I still don’t understand how one takes a skin tight garment and turns it into something totally different. I am not a big fan of slopers and by the way, Nancy Zieman agrees with that FWIW. So not understanding how this will turn into a different garment that will fit wonderfully, I don’t feel knowledgeable enough to comment. I do commend you for going to this effort and will be watching how you turn it into a great garment. Good luck.

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