Subversive Sewer

{March 15, 2010}   New Look 6845

I realized I forgot to show this to you.  I made it a few months ago.

Here’s my daughter in New Look 6845.  I cut a 5 but 6 in length.  WAY big!  The armholes are also really low, leading me to think this is for a jumper only.  I wish they’d state that on the envelope.  The faux belt is in the front only, and it needs to be tacked down so it doesn’t droop.  Overall, not happy with this pattern, but Sofia likes the fabric.

That’s all you’ll see from me for awhile.  I’m sick right now, and my cousin  is coming to live with us from Wisconsin.  So, I’ll be busy for awhile.


Bunny says:

Sounds like some challenges lie ahead. Hope you are back to healthy real soon. Your little girl is darling!

Get well soon!!! Sophia looks adorable, despite the problems with the pattern. Just shows how a good model can work a look! 🙂

Shannon says:

This is really cute and Sophia is gorgeous! I love the fabric and the blue piping adds just the perfect touch to the belt. I want to make this one, so thanks for the heads up about the armholes and the fact that the belt needs to be tacked!

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