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{March 2, 2010}   The Numbers

I’m off work again today, so I went to Alterations by Nora and had my measurements taken.  Here are the numbers:

bust 36 1/2

under bust 31

waist 34

hips 40

Man, that waist one kills me.  She actually measured lower than the actual waist, asking instead where I wear my pants.  The hip measurement is 3″ bigger than when I took it, and the bust is 2 1/2″ bigger, so I definitely see the reason for not taking  your own measurements.

Let’s see what pattern sizes I am:

Bust: 14

Waist: 20 (ouch)

Hips: 16

Now, that bust measurement is full bust, so I’m still not sure what size to use.  I’ve been making size 12 and I suppose it’s fine, from what little I understand about fit.  I’ve made 14 in pants and skirts, but it’s always too big.  So I guess not many questions have been answered.  On that note, I’m now going to make a knit tunic in a size 12…


mamafitz says:

she didn’t take your chest measurement? (the one measured under your armpits above your bust). hmm. that’s about my hip measurement, but honestly, i can’t really remember what size i use. i always flat pattern measure and decided per pattern what to start with. 12-14 sounds about right.

Gigi says:

Nikki, you definitely need the high bust/chest measurement! You can take it yourself up high (and tight!) under the armpits. That will likely be the size you will need to start with. Treat this as you would the full bust measurement when you select your pattern. I highly recommend buying a fitting shell pattern just so you can see where you differ from the most fitted pattern in the book. You needn’t actually make it but fitting the bodice will reveal a lot. Post photos so all of us can help you through the process!

Christy S says:

I was going to same the same thing as the other ladies. Given the difference between your full bust and under bust measurement, you should take a high bust (under the armpits, over the bust) measurement and use that to determine the top size so that it fits in the shoulders — then do a full bust adjustment. (lots of good tutorials for the fba in the blogosphere). As for the hips/waist thing. Buy the pattern to fit your hips and then make adjustments to the waist (all of which sounds easy but takes a great deal of practice and usually involves quite a bit of cursing, but it will be well worth it).

violet says:

Every time I have to take my waist measurement I get depressed and swear off eating. Not that it lasts long! yeah I’m sorta 14 – 16 -14, but I reckon I’ll just cut 14 – 16 – 14 on fitted tops so I can get a peplum effect.

violet says:

I meant, 14 – 16- 16…

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