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{March 1, 2010}   Miami and Kwik Sew sale

If you’re anywhere near a Hancock Fabrics, you have GOT to go!!!  For the first time ever (and they point that out!) the Kwik Sew patterns are 20% off!!  Since I’m saving money for the out of pocket expenses associated with closing on a house, I used some restraint and bought just 3:

My apologies for not being able to format this right.  Anyway, Since we live in Florida and my daughter loves to swim, I thought the swimsuit pattern would be a good investment.  The strapless top I thought would be good for summer and if I actually go out.  And the bra- self explanatory!  SO sick of RTW bras not fitting right, or trying to find a large size that doesn’t have padding!  Back in the day when I  barely weighed 105 pounds, I needed that padding, but now I’ve got enough of my own!  I’ve got a few bra notions, so I’ll see how it goes.  I’ve gotta find some sources.  I really like the bra kits that Summerset makes.  I find Sew Sassy’s website so user-unfriendly that I avoid it.

This past Saturday, my cousin and her best friend, who were visiting from chilly Wisconsin, and I all went to Miami to do some shopping and sightseeing.  I stood in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time (too cold to swim!), bought some underwear at American Apparel to clone, and bought a few cuts at Fabrics for Less.  It was a tiny shop and didn’t have much beyond special occasion and suiting fabrics, but I did find some knits, a remnant of stretch lace, and some pink shirting.  It was all $2/yd, so it was worth a trip.

In house news, I think I’m going to put in an offer on a villa I looked at.  It’s much smaller than my current home, but I am inspired by people who happily live in small, urban spaces, and saving money on utilities is also great.

Gross.  One of my cats just barfed, which reminds me how much I liked the laminate and tile floors the place had.


Nancy says:

Kwik Sew on sale at Hancock’s…are you kidding me? I was just there, and had one of those babies in my hand and didn’t buy it. There was no sign showing they were on sale! And, i just checked the national sales flyer and nothing. How irritating. There are actually several of their patterns that I’ve been thinking of buying, but I’m so used to getting the big 4 for $1 each, that I couldn’t stand the idea of paying $11 for a pattern. Maybe I’ll have to stop by again tomorrow after work.

Good Luck on the house!

Kathi says:

Oh to have the ability to run in and browse through Kwik Sew patterns!! Have you always lived in FL? You said you put your feet in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time, so I am curious!

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