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{February 13, 2010}   Soldiering On

Thank you all for the nice comments!  It’s nice to have comments on my posts, since it wasn’t always that way!

In non-sewing news, it seems I may be close to buying my very own house!  After cleaning up some credit issues from my mid 20s, being in a steady job, and finding a first time home buyer program, I think I’m finally able to make that dream happen for myself.  I’m not getting too excited until I get that pre-approval letter from the bank.  I have 6 houses I plan to look at, one of which is down the street from my current place.  I spoke to the school district, and it looks like I’ll be able to keep my daughter in the same elementary school even if I buy outside the attendance zone.  That opens up more options.  Stability is extremely important for children, and it’s bad enough she’s lived in 6 homes and she’s not even 6 years old yet.  Happily, she will be staying in whatever house I buy until she’s an adult!

This is an immense source of pride for me.  Buying a house to me is proof of responsibility, stability, and maturity.  It’s been the one goal I absolutely needed to achieve to feel like a successful adult.  And I’m doing it all my myself!  It will be paid for by me alone, and bought by me alone.  With money I earned myself.  No gifts, no grants.  Just me and my efforts.

Back to sewing.  I’ve been reading the blog Pins and Needles for awhile.  Although I seem to be the polar opposite of the author both in personality and sewing interests, I still find her blog fascinating.  It seems that she’s quite well-known in the sewing blog community, but in case you’re not familiar, Summerset lives in New England with her husband, 2 children, and cats.  She makes these elaborately detailed art garments and quilts, plus clothing from vintage patterns and items for her family.  She seems very reserved and proper- again, polar opposite of me! LOL  Anyway, point in bringing her up is that a few weeks ago she was discussing pajamas in this post. It was this statement that stuck with me: 

“If you think about it, pajamas get worn a lot more than other clothes than may only get worn once a week, so it makes sense to put time and effort into making them sturdy and with the extra features.”

She is so right!  I’ve worn the most drab pajamas for as long as I can remember… not even pajamas so much as loungewear… stained, oversize sweatshirts, big ol’ t-shirts, stretch pants, and sweatpants.  In fact, that what I’m wearing right now!  Well, I bought this pattern and some cherry print flannel yesterday:

So, thank you, Summerset!  I’m gonna go prewash the fabric right now!


Gwen says:

Hi! I’m glad to have found your blog. I’ll enjoy reading about what you do. Hope your PJs turn out good and you enjoy wearing them.

Gigi says:

Oh, Nikki, I am so excited for you! There is nothing – NOTHING – like owning your own home. I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you.

You know, I’ve never been a PJ wearer but my boyfriend bought me some red PJs for Christmas and I love them sooo much that I want to make a couple of sets. I can’t wait to see your cherry PJs.

Bunny says:

Buying a home is such a wonderful milestone. Congratulations on just being able to look. I am sure it took a lot of hard work and effort to get to this point. It’l happen.

Yes, I sleep in hubby’s old tattered Tshirts or nothing. My sleepytime summers make much else very uncomfortable, BUT, everyone needs at least a couple of pairs of PJs for when the visitors come or when you go visit. Might as well make them pretty too!

Good for you! I should make myself more pajamas. And congratulations and best of luck on the home-buying front!!!

Kathi says:

Congratulations on the purchase of your home!
Have you been to tailor yet?

Christy S says:

Oh she is so right. And here I sit — fugly oversized t-shirt, faded cotton capris. Sigh. I’ve been thinking about the jammie thing myself. Maybe making jammies will cause a return of my mojo. We’ll see. Good luck on your house hunt. And I do have to tell you, during my no-sew, no ambition time (and no sewing blog reading either), you are the one blog I do read. So, thank you!!

Sew Rogue says:

I have been reading you often and am delighted that you may soon be a homeowner! And a cherry strewn PJ wearer! This is my first comment, as I have so little time.

Regarding your unrewarded prolific review postings on PR, I just posted this on another blog:

“I am amazed that PR still exists. I remember when Deepika first developed the site and was using free opportunites on already developed sewing sites to freely market it, mostly on the defunct I sent her a private message that I objected to that behavior because I believed it would eventually be a for-profit enterprise. She responded that was not her intention. Then I discovered her husband posting on hi-tech sites about how to charge people to subscribe, when the subscribers will be providing the content. I posted the husband’s posts on PR. There was a huge reaction.

I would never spend one minute of time writing a review and posting it to a place that someone else will profit. I much prefer blogs like this one.”

You have your own following, and that is awesome. You will get reliable answers to any questions you will ask. Your progress has been beyond inspiring!


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