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{February 5, 2010}   Snoop Shopping

Yesterday, one of my coworkers had a great idea to help solve my fit issues and solve the mystery of what size I am: call a tailor!  So, I called Alterations by Nora, explained my dilemma, and she says, “no problem, just come in and I’ll do it!”  I ask how much, she says no charge, I say come on, you’ve gotta charge me something!  She says, ‘it takes two seconds’ and I should come by anytime next week!  I’m always so incredulous when someone does something nice for me.

Tonight I’m just laying low at home on the couch, doing some snoop shopping.  My cousin and her friend are visiting later this month and asked me to take them to Miami.  I’ve never been there, and it’s as good a time as any, so I say sure.  The catch?  They want to go to Dash, some store run by the Kardashian bimbos.  How very sad.  I make her a deal:  I begrudgingly take them to the bimbo store if we can visit a fabric store or 2.  We have a deal.  So, I hear Miami is a stylish place, so I need to make my frumpy ass look cute.  Hence the snoop shopping, so I can find out what’s fashionable right now.  Wouldn’t ya know that my favorite item so far is a t-shirt dress….


Gigi says:

I’m so glad you’ve enlisted a dressmaker to help you – yay! Miami=fashionable? Not so much (why do you think I call it Fashion Hell?).

Shannon says:

Wow! That’s a cute t-shirt dress!

mamafitz says:

that’s a darling dress! hope the dressmaker is able to give you lots of guidance.

Becky says:

Hopefully the dressmaker will be able to help you work those fit issues out. And that dress is cute!

Kathi says:

I have thought about trying to find one to measure me also. Of course, I live in a rural area and don’t know of any!! I have gotten better at figuring out the areas I need to alter when I sew, but I get frustrated with the pattern companies. They just don’t seem to be consistent. I mainly stick to BWOF just for that reason – I can trace out a pattern with my adjustments and it will fit. That is comforting. Oh, and Jalie – their tops are consistent. And where do they get those sizes? I wear a size 6 RTW and the measurements for the big 4 would have me make around a size 14. Now that is a BIG difference!! I know sizes have changed, but not that much.

Tammy says:

30 years ago, I’d have worn that dress in a heartbeat! Here’s hoping you get some info that will help you. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending your precious time on making something and the results aren’t what you hoped for or expected.

Nancy says:

So, did you go to the tailor/dressmaker? Do you have a “real size” now?
Inquiring minds want to know!


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