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{February 2, 2010}   Nancy Zieman Can Kiss My Ass.

First, I want to thank all of you who’ve tried to help me solve my fitting woes.  I’m about ready to give up.  There is obviously something wrong with me, either physically or cognitively.  A couple of you suggested Nancy Zieman’s Fitting Finesse book.  I ordered it immediately, and I got it today.  First order was to measure my front width.  I read the instructions and measured very carefully.  I got 15.”  I check the chart and find that it corresponds to a size 18!!! Are you fucking serious????  Now, I’d have no problem being a size 18 if I actually was that size.  Look back at my posts… there are many pictures of me.  Do I look like an 18?  I’m currently sewing a 12, which seems to fit everywhere but my arms/shoulder/occasional neckline.

Fuck it.  I give up.


Jane says:

Don’t give up! That 18 is according to your other measurements only for your shoulder/arms/neckline area. Start there – get that to fit right and take in underneath. Don’t despair, don’t let the number 18 upset you – remember sewing pattern sizes are much bigger than RTW sizes. I have faith in you, you can do it!

Sue says:

I agree …. they are just numbers and unfortunately we allow numbers to influence and validate how we feel about ourselves. It’s just a number and nobody else needs to know it but you. It will be worth it to keep going and get a good fitting pattern that you can use over and over. It’s your shape, the numbers are irrelevant and just think how great you’re going to look with a well-fitting pattern to make beautiful, well-fitting clothes.

Erica B. says:

If she said you’re an 18, then I’d be a 20! I sew size 14 patterns. Sometimes it’s best to go with what you ALREADY know and go from there.

Gigi says:

Don’t give up! Trust me, we’ve all been there and done that. My full bust is 39″ and I sew with a size 8! I think the 12 is too big for you, personally. If you measure up high and tight under the arms and over the chest, what is your measurement? And, do you have a broad back? I own just about every fitting book out there and, IMO, Fit For Real People is the easiest method to understand. When I taught fit, I required my students to buy this book.

How did you measure your front width?

I usually put a magazine high into each arm pit, and measure where the spines emerge from the crease with a yardstick. Please tell us what that measurement is on you.

How does a size 12 fit you in the shoulder area? Is it too small or too big?

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angie.a says:

haha!! I had to laugh, even though you were upset. I know how you feel! But its hard to take this measurement by yourself. What I had to do was put on a tank that actually crossed my arm at that “juncture” or whatever. then I could hold up my extra long clear quilting ruler and stand in front of the mirror and get a measurement. I tried with the tape too, both came out pretty close to a 14.5 (which puts me in a 16 and which fits pretty well!) Don’t give up! I actually like the NZ method for enlarging, I’d rather trace than cut and spread and tape.

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