Subversive Sewer

{January 26, 2010}   Pattern magazines aplenty??

Several months back, I had this fab business idea to be a US distributor of international pattern magazines.  However, between my lack of capital and language barrier, I gave up.  Fast forward to today.  A former client was in the office speaking with my coworker on a mutual case.  As we were chatting, my coworker complimented my dress and asked if I’d made it.  I said yes, and then it reminded me of something.  The former client is Dutch and thus is fluent in that language, plus Spanish!  Knip Mode is a Dutch magazine… Patrones is Spanish (I believe).  Her mother still lives in Holland, and said woman was familiar with Knip Mode because her mother has bought the magazine in the past!  I told  her about my business idea and suggested it to her.  As a stay at home mother of children with special needs, a home business would be ideal.  I explained the demand for these magazines in the US and their good reputation.  She was excited about the idea and plans to call her mother to find out if she has old issues stored away, and if she’ll pick up some copies and bring them when she visits next!

I’ll keep you all posted if this all comes together!!


Kathi says:

I had a conversation with a magazing publishing friend about the need to start a GOOD American version of these magazines. He agreed it was a good idea, but his company doesn’t publish similar items.

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