Subversive Sewer

{January 6, 2010}   Simplicity 2934

This past weekend I got quite a bit done.  I wanted to look back on my week and a half off of work and have something to show for it.  I think I was successful!

This is Simplicity 2934.  This is the one I intended to use silver rayon/Lycra with a turquoise yoke.  It was too thin, so I scrapped that idea.  I’d bought this knit at Wal Mart several weeks ago because it was 4 bucks a yard and sometimes people actually find good stuff there.  I threw it over a chair and forgot about it till last week, and here it is!


It snags easily, but otherwise I like it.  I’ll just have to stay away from sharp objects while wearing it. 🙂  Not bad for 10 bucks!  I’m not sold on the sleeves, but I can always cut off the ties if they don’t grow on me.

Cost: fabric: $8, pattern: $2


That’s adorable! I love the print.

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