Subversive Sewer

{January 3, 2010}   Last Project of 2009

I’m glad that I ended 2009 on a high note, because I love this top!  It helped that I’d made it before.  This time I made the long sleeved one.  The gathering is a pain in the ass, but I like the result.

Photo courtesy of my 5 year old daughter. 🙂

The pattern is Vogue 8581.  It’s so comfortable, yet nice looking too.  And I needed more long sleeve shirts, since Florida is  having a cold spell right now.  Total cost of this top: $11- $8 for the fabric, $2 for thread and $1 for the bottom elastic.  Didn’t count the pattern because I’ve already used it.


Sharon says:

I’ve sewn this one before too. Just like you said, it’s a great top – comfy yet stylish. Somehow I think your cold spell in FL isn’t quite the same as ours in MN. As I write this it’s above zero, I’m only wearing two layers, and we’re running around thinking it’s a heat wave 🙂

Very, very cute top!

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