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{December 30, 2009}   2009 Year in Review

I was inspired by all the year-end posts to do my own.  You can either interpret that as imitation=flattery or copying=lazy.  Your choice!

I didn’t set any formal goals, but I did set out to relearn how to install an invisible zipper.  I did one maybe 10 years ago and it turned out just fine, but for some reason it didn’t silence my fear of them.  I actually accomplished this, and now have a box of standard zippers I don’t know what to do with! I can’t use anything but invisibles now!

In 2010, I want to make either a bound buttonhole or a welt pocket, and make pants with a waistband that don’t look crappy.  I’d also say I want to learn how to fit a jacket, but I have no way of doing that since the books are not helping me.

I didn’t sew as much as I would’ve liked this year.  I’m not sure there’s one particular reason for this, but I’ve been picking up the pace lately.  It did help to get a lumbar support contraption for my chair.  My back gets sore if you look at it wrong.

My favorite garment I made was Vogue 8581, which I happened to cut another of last nite:

The garment I get the most compliments on is Simplicity 3833, which is my second version of it:

I also did a bit of home dec sewing this year, since I moved to a bigger house.  I love these pillows.  The appliques are from the sadly defunct Adorn magazine:

I made a total of 46 items this year.  Here’s the breakdown:

Aprons: 2

Dresses: 13

Pillows: 5

Slips: 1

Curtains: 2

Tops: 8

Skirts: 7

Bags: 2

Pants: 2

Cardigans: 2

Crafts: 2

Well, it’s not as bad as I thought- a little less than one item per week.  However, I’m hoping to do more this year.  And the year is not even over yet, and I cut out 5 garments last night, so I might be updating this post before the New Year!


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