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{December 28, 2009}   Play Kitchen Set

This is not about sewing, but I have to share it with you anyway.  After seeing some homemade kitchen sets on the Ikea Hacker blog, I was inspired to make one for Sofia.  The problem is that I have no carpentry skills.  My friend’s husband kindly agreed to help.

He just happened to be getting rid of some old cabinets that we both agreed would be perfect as the base for a fridge and stove/sink unit:

Gary used some 2x4s and 1x4s to build a platform to raise the cabinet to a comfortable height.  He also had the idea to include a backsplash and upper shelf for small appliances.  There is also a shelf on the bottom for storage.  We continued working on the stove/sink unit first, starting with turning the left door 90 degrees to simulate an oven door.  Gary moved the door catch and tied a shoelace to 2 screws to prevent the door from opening too far.  Gary cut a hole in the door and placed a piece of plexiglas for a window.

For the counter, we got a premade laminate shelf, which saved ourselves a lot of work.  For the sink, I found a 9×9 brownie pan at Dollar General.  Gary used a jigsaw to cut a hole in the counter and attached the sink using clear caulk.  For the faucet, we used a PVC pipe from the electrical section at Home Depot.  It was gray, so I primed it and painted it white.  Gary had leftover wall board from his and Alicia’s kitchen remodel, and the pieces were the perfect size.

At this point, I started painting it.  I first primed the pieces with Krylon spray primer.  Then I used Krylon spray paint in Gumdrop (light purple) to paint the outside.  I felt the inside looked OK the way it was, but the shelves did get a little painted.  I  probably would  have painted the inside had it not been 4 days before Christmas!

Finally, the wallboard was glued and secured with a few finishing nails.  Gary drilled a big hole in it for the faucet, using an elbow joint type thing from the plumbing section at Home Depot to secure it in back.  For the burners, I measured and then traced circles with a peanut butter jar lid that was in their recycling bin- handy!  I used black paint, which was from a tester bottle of house paint.  I think I need to varnish over it, because it’s been scratching off.  The burner knobs were Attest knobs from Ikea, and were attached loosely to the backsplash so they could be turned.  Finally, the oven and cabinet handles (Lansa handles from Ikea) were attached.

Next, the fridge.

This piece underwent a big transformation.  First, The doors were removed and discarded.  I didn’t want 2 doors, and they had grooves in the front, so that wasn’t going to work.  Next, Gary cut some pieces of thin wood for the sides.  As you can see in the photo above, the edges of the wood stick out further from the side, so it’s not flush.  (I’m sure there’s a better way of explaining that, but I don’t know what it is.)  I primed the front edges while he did that.

I decided to paint the inside of the fridge because, unlike the other cabinet, the inside was pretty ugly.  To attach the shelves, Gary cut grooves in 2 pieces of wood and attached them to the insides.  You can see one of them in the photo on the right, above.  The paint made everything uniform.  The shelves just slid into place.

Besides my amusing cat, Mr. Bonkers, in the above photo you can see the shelves, plus the baskets on the door, which I found in the bathroom storage section at Ikea, for $2 each.  Gary attached 1x2s to the door to screw the baskets to, since the door was 1/4″ MDF and thus  too thin to screw things into.

We got it done on Christmas Eve and loaded everything into my Hyundai Santa Fe.  The next morning, Alicia and Gary came over so they could see Sofia’s reaction as she saw her present.  I was very appreciate of Gary’s help.  He actually told me that he really enjoyed building it!

And below is Sofia with “Miss Alicia” and “Mr. Gary.”


mamafitz says:

omigoodness, that is fantastic! it looks gorgeous.

Elbee says:

I’m so jealous! It’s just beautiful. She will be so happy with it for a long time.

angie.a says:

This is the most amazing thing!!! It’s AWESOME!! She will definitely play with this for a long, long time.

And you think you’re behind on blogs?? I’m SO far behind I’ll never catch up!! 😀 I’ve decided to stop trying and just start over where everyone is now.

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