Subversive Sewer

{December 12, 2009}   Made something that fits!

….. it’s a bag.

I’m SO over making something and having it not fit or be the wrong fabric.  I’ve made a conscious decision to focus on making non-clothes for awhile.  Maybe that’ll bring my mojo back.

Here’s what I made today, using stuff from my stash so it was kinda free.

Is this pic too small?  It seems as though medium is too small, but large is too large.

Anyway, this is McCall’s 5599, view C.  I used cotton velveteen left over from last year’s Halloween costume, and lining that’s been around longer than my daughter has.  I used whatever interfacing was around, and the only 4 rings and magnetic snap I had all happened to be gold, so that worked out rather nicely.

Of course, it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t screw up something.  I’m sure everybody screws up, but it’s kinda fun to point it out.  When making the loops that hold the rings, I pressed them to that the seam was centered on one side, intending for that side to not show.  Well, I wasn’t thinking too hard about that step and the seam ended up on the public side.

Here’s the pattern:


Lilian says:

Don’t matter which side the seam is on, the bag is lovely! I would lóve to have a bag like this. If you click on the picture it shows a bigger picture(even a very large one if you click again) but I think the original size is ok.

Ya know, every once in a while you need to make a bag. That one is really cute!

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