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{November 29, 2009}   Cynthia Rowley busts

Here are 2 wadders I made several weeks ago that I finally got around to photographing for your amusement.  Coincidentally, they are both Simplicity Cynthia Rowley patterns.  That said, the error is all mine, not hers.

First up, Simplicity 2584:

These pics were taken by my 5 year old daughter, and I must say she did pretty well.  She got this one on the 3rd or 4th take.  She was instructed to keep my head out of the pic, because I had no makeup on and looked like hell as a result.  Anyway, despite making a muslin, this thing went bust on many levels.  First, the fabric, a Ralph Lauren stretch poplin from, was not drapey enough for this dress.  Also, the 1″ FBA doesn’t look good, maybe due to the fabric.  The armhole facings would lie flat, even after I hand-stitched the fuckers.  Then there’s the neckline issue:

It’s uneven, for starters.  The other issue, which I hope you can see, is that the neckline is so high the little points are stabbing me in the neck.  No idea why.

And to illustrate even further how wrong this fabric was for this project, let me show you how it it looks on a hanger, completely unaffected by gravity:

You also might notice the pointy titted-ness of it too.  Yep, I really messed this one up.

While I’m not looking for a way to salvage it, I am wondering what else I might’ve done wrong besides choosing the wrong fabric.  I thought it was fine because the envelope recommended poplin, but I guess they meant lightweight poplin, if that exists.

Next up, my next CR debacle, Simplicity 2472:

No, this is not a nightshirt.  This is my futile attempt at a tunic that I could wear with leggings.  Maybe I shouldn’t have trusted a pattern that includes a bib.  (Really.  They call that big, ugly necklace a bib!)  Maybe I shouldn’t have bought polyester faux silk from Joann’s.  (I couldn’t get a good press if my life depended on it.)  Maybe I should’ve cut the lower half to reflect my actual size.  And just maybe, I should have realized this style does not suit D-cup boobs, at least not without a FBA.

Someone please help me!!!  I’m tired of wadders!!


Bunny says:

Sorry about your wadders.They can be so aggravating. Pretty brave of you to step up and share. A word on the blue tunic: I don’t know how tall you are but for me it seems tunics land right at my midpoint of height, VERY UNFLATTERING on my five feet. As much as I would like to wear them I had to come to grips with the fact that anything that lands at my “midway” just never works. Perhaps if you shortened the blue you might come to like it. More, better projects are coming! Bunny

katharinec says:

First, congrats on tackling a FBA! Also I think the on-hanger, pointed bust look is a good sign in fitting that you’ve made a fitted garment. The uneven neckline is a downer, tho’. Perhaps it’s choking because you need a HRB adjustment–frequently needed for avid sewists and computer users, although Debbie Cook doesn’t need one! (It’s only fair, she does a plethora of amazing alterations anyway, she should get a discount on one.)
That tunic does you no favors, good on you for seeing that! Yeah, the straight bottom is really the issue. It looks blocky. Next time I’d suggest pinning in the sides to show off your feminine shape. You’ll turn men’s heads. Poly… yeah, it doesn’t press well, dulls your cutting tools and pins, makes you sweat ‘cos it’s plastic and then it has the tenacity to hold on to smells and oily stains. I hate poly, unless it’s fleece. Keep trucking!

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