Subversive Sewer

{November 14, 2009}   What a haul!

The local Dillard’s is closing, so I decided to go take a look.  I haven’t been able to go clothes shopping in probably a year due to finances, but I had a small amount of money and my wardrobe has dwindled to little more than dresses and t-shirts.  So, I went.

Boy, what a great sale!!!!  I got clothes I otherwise could not afford.  I have to share:

009Buffalo by David Bitton knit top, MSRP $69, paid $10.35

010Kenneth Cole blouse, MSRP $59, paid $8.85

012Michael Kors rayon knit top, MSRP $69.50, paid $10.20

013Michael Kors cotton jacket, MSRP $159.50, paid $23.92.  Check those MK buttons!!

014Kenneth Cole Knit top, MSRP $59, paid $8.85

015Design History viscose knit top, MSRP $49, paid $9.99
Steve Madden sunglasses, MSRP $40, paid $6

016Kensie cardigan sweater, MSRP $68, paid 10.20

011Michael Kors silk blouse, MSRP $89.50, paid 13.42

This is some of the nicest clothes I’ve ever owned.  In fact, the last time I had nice stuff like this was when I worked at Marshall Field’s department store in college.  And that silk top above is the first silk garment I’ve owned in ages.  I know that clothes shouldn’t make me this happy, but it’s just so nice to have some things that fit me, and I can’t sew fast enough to make a whole wardrobe, especially since my size keeps changing all the time.


KarenP says:

How fun! It’s always to get nice things for a steal! I love the silk blouse.

Bunny says:

They are all wonderful pieces and you are glowing in them. Does a girl good to part with the bucks now and then.

stacysews says:

You make me want to go shopping!!! Nice finds – you look great in them!

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