Subversive Sewer

{October 28, 2009}   Cloning

My coworker Missy has this really awesome top that I’m just in love with.  Since I’ve never seen a pattern like it, I asked her if I could borrow it and attempt to clone it.  She’s really cool so she said yes.  I’ve never actually tried to copy a RTW garment before, but feel like I know enough to have a chance of success.  I put my cardboard cutting mat on my coffee table, laid out a piece of flipchart paper, and carefully pinned the top to it.  So far I’ve done the back, lower front, upper front pieces and the collar.  I just have to figure out the sleeves, measure the ties and ruffles on the upper front.

Here’s the top in question, modeled by Saffron:


Of course I couldn’t pick a simple garment to clone, right?  There are gathers all over the front of this thing!  Here’s a closeup of the upper front:


And while we’re at it, I’ll show you the sleeve and the back too:


Anyone got any advice for me?

Also- thanks to all of you who offered advice on my pink dress.  I felt a lot better after reading them, since many of you felt that the pattern shared some of the blame for the wonky fit!


Bunny says:

Those gathers look like “North American smocking.” A google will give you more. I would do the smocking first, then mock up your pattern from there. The smocking will pull fabric in from all grains so it would be pretty tricky to cut out the bodice before it is smocked. So my advice would be to smock a large piece of fabric with the CF on grain and then construct your garment. Good luck. That is a great top.

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