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{October 13, 2009}   Simplicity 2665 and Hot Patterns Cowl Top

I finally did some sewing for myself!  Actually, I made these pants a few weeks ago, but kept forgetting to get a picture.  I  made the top last nite at midnite.  It was a spur of the moment thing.  I was on my way to bed and decided it was a quick project, so I should just make it.  Indeed, it was done in a half hour, except for the seam finishing.


Neither pattern was without issues.  I’ll start with the pants.  This is Simplicity 2665.  It’s a juniors pattern that I can’t remember why I bought.  I think it was for the pants.  Anyway, they have this ridiculous front, exposed zipper.  Maybe that’d be cute if I were 16, but not at 32.  So instead I did an invisible zipper in the back.  Man, I love invisible zippers.  I’m so glad I figured them out.  Here’s the issue: the sizing.  They run ridiculously big!!  According to the size chart, I’m a 14 in the hips and an 18 in the waist.  Knowing that the pattern companies seemingly expect us to lie about our waist measurement, I cut a 14 throughout.  I actually remembered to try them on before finishing them, and a good thing I did.  They were enormous!  I sewed 5/8″ in from the existing seam allowances at each side, which worked.  However, I should have continued all the way down, because these things are so loose and dumpy.  Oh well, they’ll do till I lose 10 pounds and my “regular” pants fit again.

The top is a Hot Patterns free download, called Cool, Calm and Cowl-necked Top.  It’s exclusive to  I’ll pretty much make any knit top if it’s free, so I printed it out, taped together (very easy), cut the fabric and sewed it.  The sizing seems to be accurate.  The problem?  Look at the illustration, then look at mine.  I made no alterations.  The cowl on mine is pretty much nonexistent.  Makes it pretty dull.  Won’t be making this one again.


Bunny says:

I thought I was losing it. I looked at the picture and then at the title and was wondering where the cowl top was. However, the T looks great and I like that color on you.

Thanks for putting this up! I was just thinking of making it for my BFF but this is ridiculous!

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