Subversive Sewer

{October 1, 2009}   Sofia’s Headboard

I forgot to post this-  after several months, I finally finished Sofia’s upholstered headboard!


Overall, it’s not bad!  This is my first time making a headboard.  I used “casa” satin from Joann’s, which I also used for the curtains (I still need another rod, which is why you don’t see any curtains above the bed.

I learned so many new things while making this.  I got to use my new drill to put the holes in it for the tufting.  Sofia and I went to Home Depot, found a piece of MDF, and had it cut to the size we needed.  My mom had a foam mattress pad that I used for the foam, then covered with scrap batting.  I bought a heavy duty stapler, which was surprisingly easy to use.  Sofia learned how to cover buttons, which she enjoyed.  I struggled with the tufting.  After doing some research, I had some direction, but the execution stumped me for several weeks.  I couldn’t get the needle back through the hole on the second pass.  I tried making the holes bigger, but that didn’t work.  When I got motivated to try again, I thought of using a doll crafting needle, the package of which I promptly lost.  I still haven’t found them, either!  Then it finally hit me: I just needed to press the foam down!  Then my needle was easier to “find” on the second pass.  I used heavy duty thread, which I tied around a toothpick placed over the drilled hole.  After much research, I decided on a heavy duty, 2 piece picture hanger with a built-in level.  I drilled into the wall and hung it all by myself!  I surprised Sofia with the finished product, and as you can see in the photo, she was really excited!  Her room is coming together very well!


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