Subversive Sewer

{September 16, 2009}   Simplicity 2596

I’m a little behind on posting, but it’s OK because I haven’t sewn anything in a long time, so I’m not actually that far behind after all.


And here’s the back:


I decided to make this because at this point I need tops that are very loose.  I’m starting to get people asking me if I’m pregnant about every other week.  And I’m NOT.  I tell ya people, that is NEVER OK to ask!

I used some poly crepe from Joann’s that I’ve had forever and just wanted to get rid of.  The only change I made to the pattern was to make the facings really narrow.

And here’s the pattern:


jamil says:

I agree with ya. Never, ever ask a gal if she’s preggers. I nearly bit the head off of one who asked last week. Especially since I am in my 50’s. I was morning sick the next day over the whole thing.

Gigi says:

That’s a really cute top! You know what they say, never ask unless you actually see the baby’s head emerging. I couldn’t decide whether or not my mail carrier was PG until she was about 8 months along and mentioned maternity leave. 🙂

katharinec says:

Exactly. That is not a question to ask unless one sees a basketball around the midriff. You don’t look like you’re expecting, by the way.

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