Subversive Sewer

{September 12, 2009}   McCall’s 5423

Well, this dress was pretty promising.  Adrienne made it, and I liked hers so much I wanted one for myself!  Here it is-

M5423Not bad, right?  Well, then I washed it…

016That’s the underarm seam.

Of course, this isn’t the pattern’s fault.  It’s the fabric.  This is a cotton/bamboo jersey I bought from  I bought 5 pieces of it.  Of the 3 I’ve sewn, 2 have done this after less than a handful of washings.  Any seam that gets even a little stress does this.  The third item I made was a loose fitting peasant top, so the seams aren’t subject to a lot of stress.

Regarding the dress, I do like it.  I wear it over a tank top on weekends.  I cut the width of the neck facing to less than an inch- that extra width doesn’t serve any purpose, IMO.  I might make it again, but not in this fabric!


Bunny says:

Hmmmmm,,, could the thread not be compatible with the fabric and is not stretching as needed? Did you use a 100% cotton thread? It can do this. I hope you used a cotton poly blend or even just a poly. Otherwise, cute dress.

adrienne says:

Very cute! Sorry about your seam issues!!!

violet says:

Maybe you’re just supposed to wash the dress in a garment bag.

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